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Lots of young people do go into marriage without really knowing the person they want to marry, maybe because they do not ask questions at all or they asked wrong questions.
If you go into a relationship without asking the right questions, you will need a very strong shock absorber to survive. It is better to ask difficult questions before you say I do. BACKGROUND QUESTIONS

1.      What is Your Date of Birth?

2.      What is the full name of your father?

3.      What is the full name of your Mother?

4.      How many Siblings do you have?

5.      What is the name of your place of Birth?

6.      What is the name of your Childhood friend? Where is he or she now?

7.      What Primary school did you attend?

8.      What experience did you have in Primary that you can never forget?

9.      Which Secondary did you attend?

10.  What experience did you have in secondary that you can never forget?

11.  What is the name of your Secondary School friend? Where is he or she now?

12.  Which higher institutions did you attend?

13.  What experience did you have in the higher institution that you can never forget?

14.  What was the Childhood ambition that you’ve not fulfilled?

15.  Who has the greatest positive impact on your life?

16.  Who has the greatest Negative impact on your life?

17.  Which book has the greatest impact on your life?

18.  What two things will you like to change about your life?

19.  What do you hate about your growing up?

20.  What great thing do you remember about your growing up?

21.  If you are to mention one person that has helped you most in life who will that be?

22.  Mention three books that made a great impact on your life?

23.  What so you remember about your past that you still regret till today?

24.  Do you have a joyful Childhood?

25.  Did you ever see your Dad beating your Mum as a Child?

26.  Are your father and mother still together?

27.  What is your thought about Men generally?

28.  What is your thought about Women generally?


29.  What is your temperament?

30.  Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

31.  Can you describe who you are in few sentences?

32.  What is your sleep habit?

33.  What time do you sleep daily?

34.  What time do you wake daily?

35. Do you have any addictions? (Social media, Television, drug, maturation, Pornography etc )

36.  Do you easily get angry?

37.  Do you keep Malice?

38.  Do you procrastinate?

39.  What are your fears?

40.  Are you feeling guilty of anything?


41.  What is your purpose in life?

42.  What’re do you see yourself in the next Ten years?

43.  Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

44.  Where do you see yourself in the next two years?

45.  Where do you see yourself in the next one year?

46.  What is your Vision in Life?

47.  What can make you fulfil?

48.  Who do you want to Model your life after?


49.  What is your definition of “well dressed”?

50.  How do you expect your wife/Husband to dress?

51.  Do you believe in the usage of Jewelry?

52.  How much of our income should go into dresses?


53.  What do you see to Alcohol consumption?

54.  How will you describe Men that beat their wives?

55.  Do you believe in divorce?

56.  If yes, on what ovation can you divorce?


57.  Are you working on your chosen field?

58.  How many hours a week do you work?

59.  What does your job entail? (For example, do you often travel for business, work at home, performs dangerous tasks?)

60.  What is your dream job?

61.  Have you ever been called a workaholic?

62.  What is your retirement plan? What do you plan to do when you stop working?

63.  Have you ever been fired?

64.  Have you ever quit a job suddenly? Have you changed jobs a lot?

65.  Do you consider your work a career or just a job?

66.  Has your work ever been a factor in the breakup of a relationship?


67.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

68.  Do Do you prefer urban, suburban, or rural settings?

69.  Is it important to have your own private home, or do you prefer apartment or condo living, with a management company responsible for the maintenance?

70.  Are you a do-it-yourselfer, or would you rather hire professionals?

71.  Do you prefer to clean your own home or hire a housekeeper?

72.  Do you think of your home as a cocoon, or is your door always open? What do you need to feel energized and inspired in your home?

73.  Is quiet important in your home, or do you prefer having music or some background noise most of the time?

74.  Is it important to have a TV in the bedroom? Living room? Kitchen?

75.  Do you like to sleep with the TV or radio on?

76.  How important is it for you to have a space in your home that is yours alone?

77.  Have differences about home style ever been a factor in the breakup of a relationship?

78.  If you had unlimited resources, how would you live?

79.  How important is it for you to make a lot of money?

80.  What is your annual income?

81.  Do you pay alimony or child support?

82.  Do you believe in prenuptial agreements? Under what circumstances?

83.  Do you believe in establishing a family budget?

84.  Should individuals within a marriage have separate bank accounts in addition to joint accounts?

85.  Do you feel that bills should be divided based on a percentage of each person’s salary?

86.  Who should handle the finances in your family?

87.  Do you have significant debts?

88.  Do you gamble or play Lottery?

89.  Did you have a paying job when you were in high school? Before high school?

90.  Have you ever been called cheap?

91.  Have you ever been called stingy?

92.  Do you believe that a certain amount of money should be set aside for pleasure, even if you’re on a tight budget?

93.  Have you ever used money as a way of controlling a relationship?

94.  Has anyone ever tried to control you with money?

95.  Has money ever been a factor for you in the breakup of a relationship?

96.  Should we both work?

97.  Do you believe in Tithing

98.  Is there anybody in your family you must provide for?


99. Have you ever felt deeply insecure in a relationship? Were you able to name your fear?

100. When was the first time you felt that you were in love with another person?

101. What happened in that relationship, and how have you come to terms with it?

102. What is the longest relationship you have ever had prior to this one?

103. Why did it end, and what lesson did you learn?

104. Have you ever been married?

105. If so, are you divorced or widowed?

106. How do you think you handled the loss?

107. If you have a current partner, do they know of behaviours that you exhibited in your previous relationship that you’re not proud of?

108. Do you believe those past relationships should be left in the past and not talked about in your current relationship?

109. Do you tend to judge current partners on past relationships?

1110. Have you ever sought marriage counselling? What did the experience teach you?

111. Do you have children from previous marriages or non-marital relationships?

112. What is your relationship with them?

113. How do you see your relationship with them in the future?

114. Have you ever been engaged to be married but didn’t go through with the wedding?

115. Have you ever had a live-in partner? Why did you choose to live together instead of marrying?

116. What did your experience teach you about the importance of marriage and about commitment?

117. Do you harbor fears that the person you love might reject you or fail out of love with you?


118. When did you start Schooling?

119. When did you stop?

120. What is your level of formal education?

121. What level do still want to attain academically?

122. Is your education a source of pride or shame?

123. Do you regularly sign up for courses that interest you, or enrol in advanced-learning programs that will help you in your career or profession?

124. Is there any professional Course you will like to do?

125. Do you think that graduates are smarter than people who are not graduates?

126. Have disparities in education ever been a source of tension for you in a relationship, or ended a relationship?

127. How do you feel about private school education for children?

128. What level of academic do you want your Children to attain?

129. Will you prefer boarding or day school for your Children?

130. Do you have a limit on how much you would be willing to invest in private school education?

131. Have education levels or priorities ever been a factor in the breakup of a relationship?

132. Who is your Mentor?

133. Who is your role model?

134. Who is your Pastor?

135. How close are you to your Pastor?

136. Who has bless you in the past?

137. Who do you regard as your enemy?

138. Who has impacted you in the past?

139. What did the person do to you?

140. Who has hurt you so deeply in the past?

141. Who are you yet to forgive?

142. Who do you know you offend that has not forgiven you?

143. Who will you like to meet in life as a lifetime dream?

144. Who did you meet and you regret it?

145. Who is your best Actor/Actress?

146. Who is your best Musician?

147. Who can I report you to in case of a crisis in our Marriage?

148. Who has helped you more than anyone else and he or she is not your Family Member?

149: what can you say is greatest strong point?

150: What can you say are your weak points? These questions are from my book 1200 Questions you must ask before you marry a Guy or Lady Click here https://amzn.to/3eZo02W to buy the book.

Bisi Adewale is a family life Coach, Author of more than 100 books on Marriage
Follow him on twitter, Instagram, , LinkedIn @bisiadewale  facebook.com/PastorBisiAdewale WhatsApp number 08068312004

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