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13 major ingredients you need to have a successful marriage

by Abbey Lily
13 major ingredients you need to have a successful marriage -Dailyfamily.ng

Living happily ever after is not just a word thrown around by people but a reality that can happen in your marriage. As ingredients are to make food more delicious and attractive to the eyes, so also are some factors to the success of a marriage. You need them to nourish your marriage so that you don’t starve your spouse and eventually lose your home.


Here are 13 major ingredients you need to have a successful marriage:


  1. Commitment

Since you have signed the dotted lines and promised to be loyal to your spouse all the days of your life, staying true to your promises is very important


  1. Faithfulness

You must be faithful to your spouse, even when he or she might not know what you have done; seek to be faithful at all times.


  1. Openness

In marriage, there is no room for secrecy. You must dwell with your partner in utmost openness. Whatever you don’t want them to know or hear about, make it your habit never to do such.


  1. Agreement

There is no way two people can successfully work together in marriage except they agree together. Even when you argue, make it a healthy one in love and find a common ground.


  1. Adjustment

In marriage, you must understand that there is nothing called compatibility but adjustment. No two persons can ever be compatible unless they can make efforts to adjust their ways in order to make the other person happy and have a blissful home. Compatibility is just a fluke which seldom happens in most marriages.


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  1. Acceptance

You must accept the person you marry no matter what you are seeing outside. Tender your own garden too so that it will remain evergreen


  1. Trust

Without trust, there is no marriage. One of the major bedrock of a successful marriage is trust. A man or woman you cannot trust shouldn’t have been your spouse in the first place. Trust your spouse to the extent of third parties not being able to spread rumours.


  1. Submission

As a woman, you cannot make a success of your marriage if you always prove to be the same level with your husband because of your academic qualification or financial status. Put all that aside and submit to the leadership and headship of your husband. Submission will help you to excellently press your husband’s ‘Mumu button’


  1. Love

The husband needs to love his wife even when she looks unlovable. Make it a point of duty to love your wife and trust me you can even love her to submission.


  1. Never allow any third party interference.

Let God be your first point of call whenever there are knotty issues in your marriage. If it gets out of hand; please seek the help of a professional counsellor


  1. Be bias in favour of your spouse.

Never talk down to your partner whether in private or public space. Always be bias in their favour. Let your loyalty always be with your spouse


  1. Don’t joke with the power of gifts.

No matter how small it is, giving gifts to your spouse is another ingredient which shows them that they are always in your heart


  1. See your marriage as a sacred union bonded by a great covenant.

Remember, this marriage covenant is a blood covenant and it is very potent.


Try these ingredients and see the fire of love in your marriage boom again. Don’t forget to also call, send messages and chat your partner.

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