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13 must have emergency essentials in your car

by Abbey Lily
13 must have emergency essentials in your car -dailyfamily.ng

Nobody prays for evil to happen but it is always good to be security and safety conscious whenever you are travelling to prevent emergencies.

Here are 13 must have emergency essentials in your car


  1. Fire Extinguisher

You might not have to use it after all but it is one of the emergency kits you need to have in your car


  1. Spare Tyres

This has to go with a tyre jack because the extra tyre cannot be installed without a jack.


  1. Jumper Cables

You will need this, just in case your car battery goes flat. You should also know how to use them.


  1. Gloves

You need protective gloves for your hands and it must be made of leather, rubber or synthetic combination.

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  1. Siphon Pump or Hose

This will be needed if you run out of fuel miles from a filling station, and a good Samaritan offers a little fuel from his or her tank.


  1. First-aid Kit

It includes band-aids, adhesive tape, gauze pads, aspirin, antiseptic wipes, antiseptic cream or ointment.


  1. Razor Blade

This is another thing that is essential for you to have in your car.


  1. Tow Rope

Though the tow rope will only be useful if you see another person to help tow your vehicle with his or her car, it is still needed in your car.

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  1. Phone Charger

You will need a phone charger for your mobile phones.


  1. Water

Just in case your engine overheats


  1. Umbrella

Every car user must have an umbrella handy. If you have to do something outside the car on rainy days


  1. The Basic Tools

There are some basic tools you need in your car and these include, screwdriver, spanner which you will need to tighten up loose screws etc


  1. Warning Triangle

This is also known as C-caution and it is needed should you want to change your tire so that vehicles that are coming can see it from afar.

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