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13 Spiritual Things to train your children to do

by Yomi Adewale
13 Spiritual Things to train your children to do

Many Christians who believe in God expect to see the same zeal and things they do to automatically reflect in their children. While this is a very good expectation, it is however not automatic due to the fact that some children may never follow the footsteps of their parents until a conscious effort is applied to teach and train them.

What are the spiritual things Christians must inculcate in their children? While the answer to this question is exhaustive, they are summarised into 13 important spiritual things to train your children to do:

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 KJV

1. Train your children on the love of God.
The hallmark of a Christian is the love of God. As a child of God and a parent, you should lead your children to Christ and root them in God. By doing so, you are sowing in their hearts the love of their creator, God Almighty. This is good for their present and future lives. Also, live by example by demonstrating to them that you love God as parents.

2. Train your children on reading the Bible
The word of God written in the Bible is pivotal for every Christian. It is therefore important that you train your children on how to read, study, meditate and practice the principles of the scripture. This will provide guidance when they are confused and tempted in the journey of life. Teach them the books in the Old and New Testaments; read with them and watch them read as well.

3. Train your children on Church attendance
At one point in time or the other, your children will need encouragement, exhortation and edification, which they can have access to when in the presence of God especially during worship times in the church. Inculcate in them, the importance of attending church services and please show a good example; take spiritual matters seriously and don’t go late to church.

4. Teach your children to trust God
The only person who has never failed and will never fail is God. Teach your children to put their trust in God, the creator of the universe, and emphasise why it is necessary to do so. He will never disappoint them. When they are in need, the first person to commit the situation into His hands should be God who is the Almighty provider and has solutions to every challenge.

5. Teach your children to serve God
There are many benefits attached to the service of God. Though many may not see it, the benefits are actually enormous. Train your children to enjoy serving The Lord. It will prevent them from becoming workers of iniquity. As Christian parents, you must not be bench warmers but workers in the house of God. Because your children are watching, it is important to live by example which would encourage them to emulate your Christian life.

6. Train your children on paying tithes.
Tithe is a divine injunction that must be obeyed by the children of God. It’s one-tenth of all income and blessings from God. Train your children to pay their tithes, starting from the pocket money you give them at a tender age. They will grow up with the practice.

7. Train your children on giving offerings.
Giving to God is wise. It is through this kingdom practice that you receive blessings as children of God. Train your children on giving offerings. Train them on the importance of loving the work of God and giving to the needy. Start now it’s never too late, they must learn to give offerings and not use the money to buy things to eat.

8. Teach your children to pray
Prayer is a means of communicating to our Heavenly Father. As Christian parents, it is important to inculcate in your children, the act of talking to God who has power and capacity to answer prayers. Let them know also, the efficacy of prayers as this would boost their confidence in God. Your prayer life should be top notch too. Pray with them too so that they can emulate you.

9. Train your children on fasting
Fasting is a spiritual exercise for the children of God in order to get spiritual stamina and sustain spiritual strength. Start training your children from a tender age by delaying their breakfast until they master the practice of fasting; and make them know the importance and spiritual significance for their good.

10. Train your children on having a quiet time
Every Christian home should have in their home, a prayer altar where all come together to worship God and seek his face daily. However, there is also a need for personal time with God. This is called quiet time. Teach your children to observe this to enable them to grow in The Lord

11. Teach your children to be conscious of God
Train your children to know that God is omnipresent, that is, He is every where so that they can be conscious of living in righteousness and faithfulness in the secret and open. This helps the children to stand for God and build confidence in Him. This is very important for the protection and preservation of their lives. This will turn their eyes away from other gods who are lesser than the Almighty.

12. Train your children on becoming Christians first before any other person
We have many professional and first class students, who are raised in Christian homes but are never proud of their identity in God. They tend to blend with the norms of wherever they find themselves and are easily influenced negatively. Teach your children to be true ambassadors of God and never to be ashamed of their faith in God.

13. Train your children on Christian values
Every Christian parent must inculcate Christian values in their children. This will dictate their taste, friendship, dressing and lifestyles. If training in these areas is deficient, the society, media, association and environment will infuse them with characters that are displeasing to God. Rise up to tutor your children and don’t delegate this to their secular teachers or Sunday school teachers in the church. The primary responsibility of putting Christian values in your children is you first as parents.

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