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13 Steps to an Evergreen Marriage

by Bisi Adewale
13 Steps to an Evergreen Marriage-dailyfamily.ng

13 Steps to an Evergreen Marriage

Marriage is meant to be great, excellent, a heaven on earth and always new but most couples fail to recognize what it takes to make their marriage new always.

13 Steps to an Evergreen Marriage-dailyfamily.ng

13 Steps to an Evergreen Marriage

You can keep your marriage evergreen if you follow the steps below.


  1. Take responsibility: don’t be a baby that always shifts blame and never takes responsibility. Take responsibility for all your actions, this will help your marriage


  1. Show consideration to your spouse: in every situation, you must always show consideration to your spouse, this shows that you have their interest at heart. Before you take any action, consider how it will affect your spouse and even your marriage


  1. Think win/win: in a union of two which is marriage, you are a team and no team ever plays against itself. You must always think win/win in all situations, never take any decision against your spouse.


  1. Don’t ever criticise your spouse: you are one and what affects your spouse affects you, so, don’t ever criticise your spouse. Don’t call any criticism positive because once it is a criticism it can never be positive. It will only make the person feel bad. You should rather talk and correct in love.


  1. Show total commitment to keep your spouse: your spouse needs to be alive and bubbling for life and this must reflect in all they do. Remember, love is a commitment to a conviction, so, show total commitment to your spouse


  1. Never compete but complement: as people in marriage, what you are called to do is to complement your spouse and not compete with them. When your spouse is complemented, you bring out the best in them and they will always love to do more


  1. Be a good listener: don’t just listen because you have a ready-made answer for your spouse but listen with your heart so that you can reason with them and see what they are saying and not what you think they are saying. Pay rapt attention whenever your spouse is talking


  1. Put positive interpretation on your spouse’s actions: whenever your spouse speaks or acts, interpret the actions or words positively. Do not pre-empt your spouse


  1. Accept when you make mistake: we all make mistake in life because no one is perfect. So, whenever you make a mistake, accept fully and apologize


  1. Give honest and sincere appreciation: everybody loves to be appreciated so also is your spouse. Appreciate your spouse honestly and sincerely


  1. Discuss but don’t argue: discussion is the fuel that keeps a marriage new, always discuss with your spouse, never argue and don’t shout at yourselves.


  1. Be grateful but don’t hunt for gratitude: be grateful for every act of kindness you get from your spouse but do not have the attitude of expecting them to return it. If they do fine, if not move on


  1. Practise courtesy every day: in your day to day activities and interaction with your spouse, show courtesy. A simple ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘I’m sorry, Dear’, ‘I love you’ etc. will go a long way to keep your marriage evergreen


  1. Protect your wife from external attack: as a man, always protect your wife from troubles whether from your family members and even outsiders


15: Apologise but don’t hunt for it: apologize to your spouse whether you are wrong or not. Do this just to keep your marriage

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