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13 Strange Facts You Need To Have Financial Surplus In Your Family

by Oba Samuel
13 Strange Facts You Need To Have Financial Surplus In Your Family

13 Strange Facts You Need To Have Financial Surplus In Your Family

The family is the major place where most income is spent, either directly or indirectly. So, the need to have a financial surplus in the family is of great importance.

In order to have a financial surplus in your family, get these 13 strange facts:

  1. Rich families are not lucky. Luck has never and can never make anyone rich, so wake up and stop building castles in the air. Sitting around, waiting for the day you will be lucky enough to make it big can only speed up a journey to poverty
  2. Poor families are not unlucky. Any family that does not cultivate success habits will certainly become poor. Rich families follow success-driven principles that work for them. No one is to blame for the poverty you are experiencing. Look for the loopholes and correct yourself.
  3. Money doesn’t answer to fasting and prayer. Much prayers and fasting without a commensurate amount of work will only make you poorer. Apostle James advised that we should combine works with faith. I know of churches they usually spend weeks praying for blessing and prosperity without teaching their members what to do to make money. Of course, they ended up raising poverty-stricken prayer warriors. Prayer is good; yes I love prayers, but go beyond praying; do something.
  4. You can’t wish your way into millions. Wishful thinking and daydreaming alone will not help you, one adage says, “If wishes were horses, beggars will ride”. Wake up! Stop daydreaming, money is for workers, poverty is for vain dreamers.
  5. If you don’t have something to sell, you cannot excel. Money responds to work not fantasies. Nobody is paid because he or she looks good. Obviously, your outlook is not good enough to command their pockets. Any serious minded person will consider selling products or service to access financial freedom.
  6. No discipline, No distinction. Making money is not enough to make you rich if your lifestyle is anti-prosperity. If you make money in drops and spend it as a flood, you will end up in debt and abject poverty. You must discipline your eyes, tongue and hands. Avoid drinking or smoking like a plague. Run away from any woman who is not your wife; you can have all the satisfaction you want at home. Be content with your own wife and save more money in the process.

7. Your money habits determine your family financial destiny. Every man is the architect of his or her fortune or misfortune. Negative money habits like stinginess, gambling, extravagance, impulse buying, borrowing, etc will run any family down. While positive money habits like saving, giving, generosity, budgeting, prudence, etc prepare the pathway to a land flowing with milk and honey.

8. Money will reveal your level of maturity and your true character. Money is a lens that magnifies your true character. Money in itself cannot make you change. It can only expose the real you hidden behind the facade of humility or pride.

9. Money is a major source of disunity in many marriages. When two financially immature people are joined together in holy matrimony, there is certainly going to be friction, misunderstanding and quarrel as they demonstrate selfishness, disunity, stinginess and extravagance. Most marriages are crashing today because of wrong management of money.

10. You need to understand money-balance. To take your family to the next level, you need to demonstrate what is known in the family finance world as money balance. This is striking a balance between extravagance and stinginess. The balance is called prudence.

11. You must keep yourself in the “money cycle”. This involves making money, saving it rightly and spending it wisely. The money you spend should help in making more money you can save and spend to make more money.


Whenever you spend money and it doesn’t make more money for you, you are writing a letter to debt and poverty. Your money must be committed to making more money for you.

 12. Love of money can destroy your family. Money is not the root of all evils but the love of money is. Anyone who is more devoted to money than his or her family will end up destroying that family. If you love money so much that you can kill to make money, you are on slippery grounds.

13. Your hands are the best money making machines. If it is about money making, rely on what your hands can do. Don’t ever rely on any other person to feed or provide for your family. Anyone who puts his or her hope in man will definitely be put to shame.

13 Strange Facts You Need To Have Financial Surplus In Your Family

Culled from Maximizing Money In Marriage, by Bisi Adewale


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