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13 Things No One Talked About Taking Vitamins

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13 Things No One Talked About Taking Vitamins
Necessary to the body to prevent diseases, the custom of taking vitamin supplements already comes from long standing. Prevention of diseases through the consumption of vitamins has always been a popular belief.

There are 13 vitamins that are essential to you. The word is a fusion of “vital” and “amine”, because at the time it was believed that all were of this chemical compound. Today we know that not all of them are.

Your daily intake is key, but excess is harmful. Here are 13 things that no one talks about when it says it’s much easier to take supplements:

1. The vitamins ingested

Through food

This is enough and sufficient to prevent disease and maintain health. Taking vitamin supplements may be only increasing expenses or allowing the body to receive the vitamin in question excessively, and may develop illness and malaise by overdoing it.

2. Vitamin A
Important for vision, skin and bones, requires very little consumption. Her lack can cause discomforts such as night blindness, and her excess produces problems like hair loss, double vision, cracks in the lips among others.

It is found in yellow fruits (such as orange), leafy vegetables, carrots and pumpkins, fish, milk, soy milk and liver.

3. Vitamin B1
This can be found in pork, liver, eggs, potatoes, oats, brown rice and vegetables, their excess causes drowsiness and muscle relaxation.

4. The excess of Vitamin B3
Can cause liver damage and other problems. Acquired in food with meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, mushrooms and nuts, is enough to avoid diseases.

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5.Vitamin B5
Found in broccoli, avocados and meats avoids diseases and excess can cause diarrhea, nausea and heartburn.

6. Vitamin B6
This is responsible for avoiding a type of anemia, can be found in meats, vegetables, bananas and nuts. Your excess (more than 100mg daily) causes neurological problems.

7. Vitamin B9
Which avoids another type of anemia, in excess concealed deficiencies by vitamin B12. It can be ingested through leaflets, cereals, pasta, breads and liver.

8. The excess of b12 vitamin
This can cause acnes. Sufficient the consumption of animal meat. For vegans and vegetarians, the supplement of this vitamin should be taken to the correct extent to avoid excess damage.

9. Vitamin C
This has the reputation of preventing colds and flu. 1 gram tablets are sold and bought. The body needs only 90 mg daily. When in excess it can cause kidney stones and other diseases.

10. Vitamin D
This can be found in fish, eggs, liver and mushrooms, vitamin D is protective of bones and diseases related to them. Widely marketed, its hypervitaminosis causes constipation, dehydration, irritability, tiredness, decreased appetite, premature aging and others.

11. vitamin E
The vitamin E too much increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Found in fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

12. Vitamin K
Already the vitamin K, found in egg yolk, liver, spinach and other vegetables, protect the body from bleeding, but its excess causes disorders in the coagulation of people who are treated with certain medications.

13. Vitamin B2
The vitamin B2 found in dairy products, bananas, green beans, asparagus, and vitamin B7 found in liver, peanuts and leafy, do not cause inconvenience when in excess in the body. But since they can be acquired through food, there is no reason to overload the body with work to eliminate excesses.

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By looking at balanced nutrition, the vitamins will naturally be provided in a beneficial way without paying more for it.

Always remembering fruits and vegetables during the day helps to balance the body’s need for vitamins. A little of each color completes a beautiful and healthy look.

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