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13 things that will make your wife love you more

by Family Center

13 things that will make your wife love you more
Do you think that you want to make your wife love you the more? Then here are some few things you should do.

1. Be a gentleman
Treat your loved one like a princess! In fairy tales, do not be the white horse, or the prince who is riding on it. So take the time to treat her! Open all possible doors by letting her in first, in the car, in the bank, in the restaurant, even in your house. Offer your coat when it is cold, and in the absence of the coat, a warm hug also resolves.

2. Be honest
When you demonstrate honesty, people tend to feel more trust in you.

One of the worst things you could do, would be dishonest with your wife. Woman has strong intuition, she will know that there is something wrong, and that will make her sad, as well as her confidence in you to weaken.

3. Respect her space
Your lover needs space, a little time alone. Men have no idea how much to paint the nails, to make hydration in the hair or the skin, to renew the energies of a woman. And she will not want to do these things with you around by telling her how long it takes or that it’s unnecessary.

4. Be affectionate
Certainly every woman likes affection, this is a demonstration of infallible love. Stroke her hair until she falls asleep, hold her tight, pick a flower in your garden and give it to her, kiss her on the way out and on the way home, and show this affection publicly. These simple gestures will make her feel loved and secure while being with you.

5. Have a dialogue
The dialogue between husband and wife is fundamental. The lack of dialogue is a sign that marriage is worn out. Watch out for this!

Have a tradition of talking about the two of you, about your children, your work, and your studies. Identify one another’s qualities and defects and talk about how you can improve what is bad, and strengthen what is good. Learn to apologize when you fail.

Have dialogue also with God, pray for his wife and pray together with her.

6. Have a sense of humor
Giving good laughs can reduce the risk of heart disease, raise blood levels of good cholesterol, lower blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, and many other health benefits. So, dear ones, be good-humored. Make your wife laugh, because besides making her happy, they will be contributing positively to her health.

7. Cook
Every woman finds it charming to see her husband cooking. Surprise her with a romantic dinner made by you! She will be delighted.

And, if you do not know how to cook, learn simpler recipes. Do not worry about making fancy recipes, because, anyway, you will be taking the time to please her, and woman loves it.

8. Divide responsibilities
To think that his responsibility is only to provide for the household, and that the tasks of the home and of taking care of the children are solely the responsibility of his wife, is a great mistake. You are together in this partnership that is marriage.

Do not overload your wife. Share with her household chores, childcare, and other things you can organize together, such as a family Christmas dinner and children’s birthday parties.

9. Take care of your appearance
His appearance demonstrates his state of mind. A good appearance expresses joy, health, good character. Keep skin and hands clean, hair well cut, well-made beard, and, do not forget to be perfumed.

Surely your wife will understand if you come home from work sweating or even dirty, but she will be happy to see you quickly go to the shower and then come to hug her exhaling the scent she loves.

10. Have a desire to progress
Do not stand still in time. Have plans, goals, want to get more knowledge, study, improve employment. Please progress along with your beloved.

11. Be considerate
Women enjoys talking, but more than that, she likes to be heard. Listen carefully, show that you care about your worries, fears, and plans. Take the time to talk regularly.

12. Unexpected links and messages
Messages from a “I love you”, “I miss you already”, or even a call to speak “just wanted to hear your voice” will surprise your wife and leave you sighing!

13. Make time for both of you
As important as it is to be with the whole family, take the time to be alone with your loved one. Book one day a week to spend time together, watching movies, taking a walk, going out for dinner, or even a walk. Let your children know about this day and how hard you try to nurture love in your marriage.

Can you try out this points today? Then you will win her heart.

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