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13 Things You Must Know about Early Morning Erection (Morning Wood)

by O. S David
13 Things You Must Know about Early Morning Erection (Morning Wood)-dailyfamily.ng

13 Things You Must Know about Early Morning Erection (Morning Wood)

13 Things You Must Know about Early Morning Erection (Morning Wood)-dailyfamily.ng

Morning wood which technical term is nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) is the early morning erection.

NPT is experienced by both young and older men, whether married or single at the early hours of the day. Several humorous explanations have been offered for the morning wood mystery.

Research shows that early morning erections are caused by the Morning Wood Fairy. The small fairy flies in during the middle of the night and magically grants erections.

Below are some of the facts you need to know about Morning wood according to scientific research.

#1 It is a normal thing to experience.

#2 It Happens Before Puberty, And Even Before Birth

Morning wood (erections) occurs when a male is in the midst of REM sleep. This experience starts in men, even before puberty stage. These erections occur throughout a male’s life, and even in the womb before birth.

#3 It becomes less frequent from age 60
This morning wood phenomenon becomes less and less frequent around the time men are in the 60’s and 70’s.

#4 It Isn’t Just For The Morning

Morning wood occurs several times during sleep, it is just that many usually take note of the early morning erections. Maybe is because it is the common type of erection.

#5 It occurs 3-5 times per night

It is a sign of being healthy, a healthy man gets erections not just in the morning, but several times over the course of sleep, at least three to five times every night.

#6 The brain controls our bodies and function. This is why men can control being aroused at work, in the gym or on a date.
While at sleep, some parts of the brain are shut down, that means the brain no longer keeps the penis in check. Whereas normally the brain is regulating the penis and making sure erections only occur when needed, during REM the penis is free to do whatever it wants.

#7 It’s a lot stronger in the morning because he’s hormonal.
Men’s testosterone level is at its highest, early in the day around 25% to 50%. As the day progresses, it begins to drop.

#8 It can be killed by depression

Morning wood can cease if one is battling depression.

#9 Its disappearance could mean low testosterone

Not having early morning erection can be a sign of low testosterone. I advise you to see your doctor if you are experiencing this.

#10 It occurs when the penis touches something during sleep.

The penis gets hard when it’s rubbed up against something accidentally, during sleep.
The penis gets aroused by touch, physical stimulation.

#11 It’s just a penis exercise
Getting an erection while you sleep is kind of like taking your junk to the gym. That’s because the erections stretch out the penile tissue, allowing it to oxygenate. This keeps the tissue in good shape and makes the penis more able to perform when the situation is called for.

#12. A man’s erecti0n comes after receiving signals from the brain telling him he is stimulated and ready.

#13 It can be triggered by a full bladder

Morning wood (Nocturnal Penile Tumescence) is never a bad thing. Having erections multiple times a night is a sign of being healthy and sexually fit.



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