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14 reasons why your brother is the greatest gift your parents have given you

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14 reasons why your brother is the greatest gift your parents have given you

14 reasons why your brother is the greatest gift your parents have given you
Having a brother is feeling irritation, nurturing a good deal of rivalry, a total mess; And, from time to time, feel disgusted. You will also experience some more lovely or simply useful things that come from living with a brother:

1. You will learn to make deals
Having a brother in life forces you to make agreements about everything. Whether you’re kids trading the toys you’re going to play with, or teens trying to share the use of the car, or threesome debating whether or not they really should wear tuxedos at their wedding, agreements are survival skills that all siblings need to develop early on.

2. Learn about friendship
It may not look like this while you’re still small, but your brother usually becomes your best friend and the closest confidant over time. Of course you had your breakers, but it was always him who was by your side.

3. And patience
The brothers are annoying. You will have to exercise patience every single day, growing along with it. And patience is a virtue, is not it?

4. You have a partner in crime
You had friends that made you come in and get out of trouble, but your brother was your first comparsa. You have learned to cover up each other’s mistakes, to cover each other and to take the blame together, when you have inevitably been caught in the act.

5. It will make you laugh
Sometimes it’s on purpose, but it’s usually unintentional. The brothers do very funny things, and it’s their job to laugh at his jokes (and always remind him of that time the cream came out of his nose).

6. He will protect you
The brothers almost always have a protective side. You usually feel happy that he’s so protective … just not always.

7. Sometimes he will come to your rescue when you least expect it.
The siblings are great at intervening and helping when one is in a fair skirt. Just when you confess to your parents that you screwed up, he comes home and confesses an even bigger mistake – diverting attention beautifully.

8. You’ll never be alone
Long car trips, poorly planned family vacations, boring visits to family members with whom you have nothing in common: this can all be quite tiresome for an only child. And although you and your brother may be singing together or arguing, at least you have company while visiting your uncles.

9. When you ask for help, he has a duty to help you.
Friends may be busy when you need them to help you unclog the toilet or relocate it, but your brother has a family duty to help his own siblings.

10. He is (brutally) sincere
You can always count on the sincere opinion of your brother. You have plenty of stories showing how much he can say exactly what he thinks about his new haircut, or his last passion, when all his friends (and even his parents) “sweetened” reality and tried not to hurt your feelings.

11. He will get involved with your problems
We all have many problems directly linked to our family background, our relatives or the way we were raised – your brother has the same problems. He can understand, and will stand by you when you face the unique challenges childhood has left for you.

12. And divide the responsibilities
If you are still young, it may be difficult to understand, but one day your parents will age and you will have to take care of them. Your brother can share with you the responsibilities and emotions that accompany this stage of life.

13. You will always have a partner of nostalgia
As we get older, it is good to spend time with people who have known us since we were young. It is wonderful to have someone to relive the times of youth and with whom to stay nostalgic. You can reach a stage of life where your brother has known you for longer than anyone in the world, and be the best person to remember the past.

14. He will always love you
Even though he hardly (or never) tells you, he loves you. Some brothers are affectionate, but many are not. Know that brotherly love is deep, and no matter how much you waver or irritate you, your brother is likely to continue to love you very much.

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