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Amazing Health Benefits Of Golden Honeydew Melon

by Gideon Dosu
Amazing Health Benefits Of Golden Honeydew Melon

Amazing Health Benefits Of Golden Honeydew Melon

Anna Dosu

Honeydew melon is a pale yellow fruit, which belongs to the cultivar group of the muskmelon, i.e. the Cucumis melo group. It originated in France, and is the sweetest of all melons. It is a fruit which has a smooth white rind and a greenish or a whitish luck and does not possess a musky smell. The flesh of honeydew melon is green in color, but its peel may vary, from greenish to yellow. It is the yellow honeydew melon.

The Golden honeydew melon has a similar shape and texture to the common honeydew. Its most obvious difference is its bright golden-hued skin. When ripe its skin is firm, thin and smooth. Its flesh is succulent, velvety and sweet. A faint aroma and a slight opening at its blossom end will also indicate ideal ripeness. An overripe melon is soft to the touch and it will develop a bitter flavor in its flesh. Like other honeydew melons, the Golden honeydew is relatively large, weighing an average of 4 to 8 pounds.

The one fact that makes honeydew very special is that it continues to ripe even after it is picked. This makes it a different fruit.

Honeydew melon is a nutritionally rich fruit. It is a complete fruit; which has almost all the nutrients in adequate proportion. It is relatively less rich in Sodium. It does not contain any amount of saturated fat in it. Yet t is a good source of vitamins, folate, potassium and vitamin C.

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  1. Honeydew melon is very good for a diabetic patient.

Owing to the fact that this fruit is cholesterol free and contains no fat at all. Although it is sweet, yet the percentage of fat is zero. This implies that a diabetic patient can enjoy this sweet fruit, without the fear of any further increase in the body sugar level. It is totally free of cholesterol, yet it provides the essential energy to the body. It also has a low glycemic index.  Even the carbohydrate level is low. Therefore it is very good for a diabetic patient.

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  1. Good for skin:

Massage with melon for moisturizing and calming effect. It is especially recommended for bright skin tone and elasticity. For a faded or irritated skin can be made light massages with fresh yellow melon juice. You can make thin slices of the fruit and keep them on the skin for 15 to 20 minutes.

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  1. Boost the immune system.

Melon contains a serious amount of folic acid, which improves the immune system. Relieves stomach diseases and improves mental disposition. Help to regenerate tissue, detoxify the body, constipation, gout and rheumatism.

  1. Controls high blood pressure.

The combination of its high water content and potassium levels make honeydew melon effective at maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

  1. It Hydrated the body.

The melon fruit family is known to contain high amount of water. This fruit is not just 90% water but is also rich in potassium that assures the body has regular water levels. That is why this fruit is popularly juiced on summer and on hot sunny days because it keeps the body hydrated and also effectively quenches thirst at the same time. It hydrates the body on a cellular level.

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  1. Improves eye health.

Some of the most important phytonutrients needed by the eyes are lutein and zeaxanthin which happens to be present in honeydew melon.  Lutein and zeaxanthin improve the overall eye health resulting in better vision and reduced risks of eye related disorders such as cataracts, ARMD or age-related macular degeneration, age-related blindness and the likes.

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7.Good for pregnant women.

During pregnancy, the body demands a higher level of vitamin and mineral intake. This is the period that your body should receive utmost nutrients because immunity tends to be weaker than normal. The body should get as many nutrients more than ever. Honeydew melon fills the body with various nutrients, especially during pregnancy. It is high in potassium that maintains healthy heart condition. It also has Vitamin C that strengthens the immune system. If you want to be healthy to give birth to a healthy child, it is highly recommended to eat honeydew melon as much as you can.

In conclusion, Honeydew melon makes a refreshing treat on a hot summer day, but it’s also a low-calorie and healthy choice anytime you need to feed a craving for sweets. Whether enjoyed fresh or added to a fruit salad, honeydew delivers iron, B vitamins and essential nutrients.

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