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Foods To Help You Slim Down

by Oba Samuel
Foods To Help You Slim Down

Gaining fat is easy, loosing it is the problem. Most people desire to slim down but don’t have the time for exercise and some other methods to burn fat. Eating some of the foods listed below would help you slim down.

HERBS AND SPICES. Foods To Help You Slim Down
Naturally calorie-free, herbs and spices are one of the easiest ways to help you cut calories by simply allowing you to pump up the flavor of your food without adding extra fat, sugar, sodium or calories. Herbs and spices are known to be among the most antioxidant-rich foods in the entire food supply, so it’s also not surprising that they can also help you whittle your waistline. A 2012 study found that subjects who received cinnamon supplements daily reduced their BMI compared to matched controls. Several additional studies have also reported that hot spices like cayenne pepper provide a metabolic boost and appetite-suppressing effects. Foods To Help You Slim Down

Can creamy, rich avocados help shrink your waistline? New research says yes. Data published in the January 2013 issue of “Nutrition Journal” found that individuals who consume heart-healthy avocados have significantly lower BMIs and smaller waistlines, compared to non-avocado eaters. As an added bonus, avocado consumption has been associated with improved overall diet quality as the fruit provides more than 20 different vitamin, minerals and antioxidants. And one fifth of an avocado, (2-3 slices or 1 oz) contains just 50 calories.

Protein provides more satiety per calorie than either fat or carbohydrate, which is why it’s often easier to lose weight by eating a higher percentage of calories from filling protein sources than quick-burning carbs. But when it comes to various protein choices, fish and seafood may be the best for keeping you full on fewer calories because they have among the highest protein-to-calorie ratios. In addition, a study of normal weight men reported that when they were given equal amounts of protein from either fish, beef or chicken, the subjects reported greater feelings of fullness from fish compared to either beef or chicken. Other studies have also identified fish as one of the most appetite-suppressing foods.

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An apple a day may keep a growing waistline at bay. According to several studies, this favorite fruit may lead to reductions in weight and body fat. In addition to containing just 95 calories per medium-sized apple, the fruit also provides the filling soluble fiber pectin and ursolic acid, which may keep you fuller longer while helping your body resist storing extra calories as body fat. In one study, researchers from the University of Iowa found ursolic acid supplementation in animals increased muscle mass. Another animal study found that when animals are given high-fat diets that promote obesity, supplementation of apples or apple juice concentrate help protect the animal from piling on body fat.

Mangoes are one of the best choices to satisfy a sweet tooth while improving your overall diet and not weighing you down. A cup of fresh mango has 100 calories, 2.5 grams of fiber and is an excellent source of vitamins A, C and folate. An animal study reported that the addition of freeze-dried mango to a high-fat diet helped prevent body fat accumulation and lowered blood sugar and insulin levels. And a January 2013 study published in “The Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences” used national food intake data and reported adult mango eaters had higher levels of nutrients such as potassium and fiber, and they weighed less, had lower BMIs and smaller waistlines, compared to adults who reported not eating mangoes.

Antioxidant-rich beans have been touted as a winning weight loss food for quite some time and for good reason, too. With approximately 15-20 grams of hunger-squashing protein and around 15 grams of filling fiber per cup, this slowly digestible carbohydrate can help promote weight loss. According to a 2010 study conducted by Purdue University scientists, consuming moderate energy-dense beans has a beneficial effect on satiety (feeling of fullness after eating) and serves to promote weight management. Studies examining the potential associations between bean consumption and weight status consistently show that individuals with lower BMIs consume a greater amount of beans as part of their usual diet. Foods To Help You Slim Down

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Although apple cider vinegar has been used as a diet aid for eons, now science is starting to discover that vinegar actually does improve blood sugar control. Vinegar (acetic acid) is made by fermenting foods like apples, grapes and many other fruits or vegetables. Vinegar is almost calorie-free making it a great option to add flavor (but not extra calories) to your meals and snacks. It is thought to help you peel off pounds by tempering your appetite and improving the effectiveness of insulin’s ability to dampen rising blood sugar levels that can spike after eating sweets and other simple carbs.

This trendy, South American whole-grain seed is loaded with protein and fiber, making it an essential ingredient when it comes to weight loss. In fact, according to a University of Milan study, quinoa has a higher Satiating Efficiency Index (measure of fullness) than wheat or rice, demonstrating that quinoa can aid in appetite control. Plus, quinoa is gluten-free, and research from the Columbia University found that the nutritional profile of gluten-free diets was improved by adding oats and quinoa to meals and snacks. Quinoa is also easy to cook and highly versatile, making it a must-have ingredient to keep stocked in the pantry.


Foods To Help You Slim Down

Foods To Help You Slim Down

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