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15 Facts You Must Know About Nigeria

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15 Facts You Must Know About Nigeria

Bankole Abe

15 Facts You Must Know About Nigeria

15 Facts You Must Know About Nigeria

Nigeria is a blessed Nation both in human and natural resources, the West African country has so many unique attributes that are hidden to the World.Even some Nigerians and students of history are clearly oblivious of some basic facts about the country.


Here we present 15 basic facts about Nigerian that is worthy to note:


  1. It derives its name “Nigeria”  from the word “Niger” – the name of the river that constitutes the most remarkable geographical feature of the country.


  1. Nigeria got her Independence from British Colonial Masters in 1960. It heralded a new beginning for the big African nation


  1. Nigeria became a republic In I963. Although Nigeria gained independence from Britain on October 1st, 1960, the nation remained a Commonwealth Realm with Elizabeth II as titular head of state until the adoption of a new constitution in 1963 declaring the nation a republic


  1. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe became the first Governor-General of a Federation of three Regions of the North, East, and West, with Lagos as the Federal Capital.


  1. Nigeria has a one-Fifth population of The Sub-Saharan Africa’s. Oil is the main source of income for Nigeria and it ranked as one the highest producer of crude oil in Africa


  1. Apart from the numerous languages that flooded the shores of the country, Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups


  1. 500 Languages and more exist in Nigeria.Nigeria is blessed with so many languages but the three major languages are Hausa, Yoruba, And Ibo


  1. The Official language spoken by Nigerians is English. Although the big African Nation is blessed with so many languages and tribes but the official language allowed for official activities is English.


  1. The Country practice Secularity in Religion. Secularity in religion allows anybody to practice any religion of his or her choice. No religion is forced on anybody


  1. Christianity And Islam are the two major religion.The country has a large population of Christian and Islamic faithful. Christianity is practiced by  50.8%. while Islamic faithful is 48.8% of the population.


  1. Nigeria has the longest bridge in Africa. The 3rd Mainland bridge. The bridge which is the longest in Africa is

11.8km (5-mile) long and it connects Lagos Island to the mainland.


  1. Nigeria has the Longest River in West Africa. Nigeria is blessed with The River Niger which is the longest river in West Africa at 4,180km (and the third longest in Africa).


  1. Nigeria is an Oil rich Nation.The Country depends on crude oil which it has in abundance as its main source of income.The oil that is situated in the South- South, and South-East of the country  made the country the 12th largest crude oil producer in the world (and the largest in Africa),


  1. Nigeria has the highest number of Billionaires in Africa. According to Forbes magazine, 4 of the black billionaires in the world are Nigerians.


  1. Nigeria is home to Nollywood. The Nigerian movie industry which is known as Nollywood is the largest movie industry after Nollywood and Bollywood

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