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15 Qualities that Men like in Women. Ladies do you have them?

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15 Qualities that Men like in Women. Ladies do you have them?
Men like and value women with common characteristics, but when you are always hunting or putting more value on the body more than attitudes; this is bad.

Men are not interested only in fun, they seek women to be companions, well resolved, responsible and know how to deal with the crisis in a balanced way. This does not mean that you should forget appearances, no, none of that.

On the contrary, you must follow our advice to be irresistible to a man and invest in the things that men like.

1) Trust
It is already common knowledge that confident people are attractive. Women who are sure of themselves, of their choices and attitudes, and of their body, call attention to wherever they are: everyone wants to know the secret of such confidence!

2) Have attitude
As much as we have that entrenched archaic concept that man must take the initiative, the woman can also take the reins of a relationship. If you are ready to leave, do not be ashamed and invite him. This is just one more way to demonstrate your confidence and, rest assured, men like it!

3) Understanding
A woman who understands others and always has kind words to say will certainly earn more points when it comes to relationships. In a world where we live connected, attention and affection are rare and, possessing them, you will have a beautiful differential.

4) Good behavior
Knowing how to behave in different situations is essential not only for a good relationship, but for a lifetime. It is important to know the right moments to quiet down or expose your opinions.

5) Humility
Being next to someone who knows how to thank is inspirational, men like it. Gratitude, though necessary, is increasingly forgotten. Thank the people who helped you achieve your goals and know that you are not better than anyone make you even more attractive.

6) Sense of humor
Nothing more fun than a company that makes you laugh. Funny people are already captivating in the first conversation and we always want to have them around. No one likes having rude partners who only know how to complain about life. We always strive for healthy, happy relationships that, above anything, can bring a little happiness to our heart.

7) Intelligence
We all like to relate to smart people, who know what and when to talk. It’s wonderful to be on the side of anyone who has a subject and does not let a conversation fall on the ice. Men like to show friends and family their smart partner. So, be smart today for him and yourself.

8) Mystery
Women who keep a mysterious air and master the art of exchanging looks makes any man crazy! However, in trying to be mysterious, dont not do something very nasty or out of the line.

9) Hobby
Hobbies say a lot about people. If you like to read, walk or meet new places, you will certainly seek to relate to people of similar taste. After all, nothing more fun than doing what you enjoy next to a good company.

10) Determination
People who do not strive to get what they want and actually run after their dreams, leaving all their laziness (and insecurity) aside, attract glances. Relating to dreamy and determined people is almost like taking a dose of motivation: they become your mirrors and you also feel ready to face any challenge!

11) Take care of your well being
You do not have to have a sculptural body or kill yourself to fit into an aesthetic pattern, but take care. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising will give you a good image, and it will bring you numerous benefits. You must be familiar with this saying that a sound body is a sound mind.

12) Smile
The simplest tip of all: smile. The smile is the main weapon to get attention. It is as if smiling you unlock a simpler path for a future conversation. Men like the smiling women and good about life.

13) More love, please
To be loved, be kind. Start distributing love wherever you go. Often people will not give up for fear of not getting anything in return, so do not be afraid to say “I love you” or send lovely messages. Make love real and definite.

14) Personality
To be who you are, without deceit. That tip that everyone has heard or read some day is super important: one day the masks will fall, so never pretend to be someone that you are not. Act naturally and only then will you find your true love the one who will accept your faults and love you the way you are.

15) Do not store hurt feelings
Relationships come and go and it’s not up to you to blame yourself for ending them. Do your best to make it work, but if you do not, let it go. Keeping sorrows will only make you more and more sad and with a busy heart, there is no room for a new love.

Well, as a woman it may not be easy to exhibit all this beautiful qualities at once, but as the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day. Build yours gradually, and start TODAY!!

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