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Pastors marriage is very important to the wellbeing of the Church and the society.Pastors are a fantastic set of people any lady can wish for in marriage but any lady that will marry them must be prepared for the following realities in a pastor’s marriage before tying the nuptial knot with him. 15 THINGS YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE YOU MARRY A PASTOR-Part 2

(16)  No everyday romance:

Marrying a pastor come with its own challenges and one of it is that pastor will pray at night.So, sorry no everyday romance in a Pastor’s diary. 15 THINGS YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE YOU MARRY A PASTOR-Part 2

(17)  It is a 24/7:

A pastor’s job is a 24hours of the seven days in the week, it fit the slogan FULL TIME.There may not be time to go out to your favourite restaurant in a long time because of the round the clock attention demand from his church members.Can you cope with this? 15 THINGS YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE YOU MARRY A PASTOR-Part 2

(18)  Not an Oil Worker:

Before you marry that pastor, please wake up to the fact that he is not an oil and gas staff.So, conflict: money may not flow like you think.Although, God’s staff are the best paid in the world over but will you be able to wait faithfully for Him to pay? His timing is totally different.

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(19) Church conflict:

Mama in the waiting, there will be conflict.Yes, even in the church, people disagree and sometimes flesh might be displayed in a dirty manner.They may form a caucus and gang up against the pastor.Are you mature enough to handle it? 15 THINGS YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE YOU MARRY A PASTOR-Part 2


(20)   The Perfect wife:

You will be expected to behave perfectly, other women have the right to get angry and show it but not YOU, even your Prince charming expectation will be higher as he expects you not to demonstrate your displeasure no matter the circumstances.Are you prepared for this?

(21)   Mummy Mission:

Before you marry that pastor, hope you do not have anything against living in the mission house especially if he is a pastor in a denomination where their Pastor must live in the mission house. please,be inform that the mission house is everybody’s house as the Church members can walk in at any time, deny you your privacy, eat your food, exhaust your water, messed up your toilet and you must not complain because the house is built with their money for them to have unhindered access to their Pastor


(22)   Pray for all:

The elders, deacons, workers that hate your husband will be known to you and you still have to pray for them and with them, can you do this?

(23)    Forgives and forget:

Before you marry that pastor, please be informed that you will be expected to forgive and forget offenses fast so as not to hinder the Church and the Pastor’s prayer.You must have forgiveness in wholesale because, members, ministers, deacons, good women, men, girl the youths and elders will offend you and you must forgive the if you want your husband to excel in his calling.

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(24)   Perfect Parenting:

Your children are not expected to make mistake, display tantrums, be too playful, they are expected to be mini Angels. God help you, girl if they are not.


(25)   All program :

Before you marry a pastor please note that you will be forced to attend all Church programs, no excuse of any kind. If not , the Church will be having negative impression about you.

(26)   Fasting:

As the pastor mrs, you will fast and this is not a suggestion but a compulsory thing as it comes with your wedding package.

(27)   Prayer Machine:

Before you marry the pastor, be inform that you will pray when you feel like praying and when you don’t feel like prayer.Prayer must become your hubby. As you become pastor mrs, you must know how to PUSH. That is praying until something happens and in the Ministry, we will never stop praying until Jesus come.

(28)   Lead women:

Your good women leader might be as old as your mum, some will try to make you realize that they are older and want to intimidate you, will you be able to handle them with wisdom?

(29)   Meetings, Seminars etc:

Before you decide to marry that pastor, girl note  that he will be required to attend many meetings, seminars, and  plan, organise revivals, crusades, meetings, seminars hepherd , etc You might be required to organise seminars for women, youths and pregnant mothers which  may be quite big, do you have that capacity? he will attend some alone will you be fine?

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(30)   Demonic Attack:

Attacks are directed Shepherd so expect it, are you equipped enough for this? Are you a spiritually vibrant sister or a weakling?Do you have that strong relationship with heaven? Matt 26:31


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