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15 Things You Must Do To Make Your Wife Submit To You Totally

by Oba Samuel
15 Things You Must Do To Make Your Wife Submit To You Totally

15 Things You Must Do To Make Your Wife Submit To You Totally.

-Bisi Adewale

Women can be difficult to lead if you don’t know the right thing to do. That is why most husbands are finding it difficult to make their wives submit to them totally. While those that submit do so partially. Here are 15 things you must do to make your wife submit to you totally:

15 Things You Must Do To Make Your Wife Submit To You Totally

  1. Make Her Know That She Is Number One In Your Life: A woman feels secure if you always make her know she is number one in your life. Show her and say it.


  1. Be Bias Completely In Her Favour: Stand with her every day and let everyone know your stand. Don’t let your wife be in doubt about your stand, let her know that you are biased in her favour.


  1. Protect Her From Your Family: Never allow your family to intrude into your family life; they are not to come between both of you. Do not report her to them and do not bring them in to settle disputes between you and her.


  1. Protect Her From Your Children: Do not allow your children to disrespect or dishonour her. Protect her if your children disrespect her.


  1. Avoid Reporting Your Wife To Your Family, Friends And Fans: It is very wrong and childish to report your wife to your family or friends. Grow up, be a man and not a boy.


  1. No Secrets: There’s never a good reason to keep a secret from your wife. I’m talking about where the money goes, where you’ve been, and what’s really going on in your life, your relationship and family. Honesty is essential.


  1. No Female Friendship: You can be friends with other couples, but it’s a terrible idea for you to have a close relationship with any female whom you discuss everything with. It is totally unhealthy and will make your wife feel insecure.


  1. No Pornography: Pornography is cancer that’s ruining the sex lives of countless married couples. Real life can never measure up to the hyper-sexualized world of pornography, and exposure to it can rob you of the chance for a natural and fulfilling relationship. No woman will feel secure with a man who is hooked on pornography. Flee from porn, it kills marriages.


  1. Let Your Wife Know Your Co-Workers: Don’t exclude your spouse from that office Christmas party, and if possible, let her have at least, a little familiarity with the secretaries or assistants who work with you daily. Invite her for lunch occasionally. This will make her feel more comfortable and build trust. Allow her to be familiar with your world and to spot trouble if it arrives.


  1. Negotiate The Family Budget And Then Stick To It: Decide with your wife how your family income will be used and what your financial goals are. Once those guidelines are set, failing to live within them is dishonest and unfair. If something unusual comes up, talk about it. But be transparent about who’s spending what.
  2. Beware Of Extreme Time-Consuming Hobbies: It’s fine to have individual interests, but if your hobby or passion causes you to spend time with others more than your wife, you might soon feel like you have more in common with those people outside. Limit the hours spent on separate endeavours each week and find something you enjoy doing together. 
  3. Be Transparent With Phone And Internet: The only reason to have a cell phone or online password that your spouse doesn’t know is if you have something to hide. You should be completely comfortable with having your wife look at your phone, any social media accounts, text messages, or other forms of communication.
  4. Attend Church With Her: A recent study reveals that women feel more comfortable and secure with men that go to church with them than with a man who never loves to serve God.
  5. Be Loyal To Your Wife: Your wife needs to be able to count on you to speak positively about her and defend her if necessary. Avoid friends who love to engage in wife bashing or who find such behaviour as cute. Be ready to fight for your wife and defend her always. Never say anything about her in her absence which you never want her to hear, that is disloyalty.
  6. Don’t Assume, Ask: While there are some things you can probably guess your wife will react to, be careful not to assume too much. When in doubt, ask.


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