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-By Bisi Adewale

You can easily avoid sickness if you learn to wash your hands properly.
Before and (or) after doing these things, make sure you wash your hands.You will not be falling sick frequently if you can just take this simple precautions:
1. After spending time out:

As you step out daily, you relate with a lot of people whom you touch and hold thereby passing germs from one person to another.
So, when you return from a date, work or driving and everything that has a tendency to pile dust, wash your hands properly.
2. After using the toilet: 15 TIMES TO WASH YOUR HANDS TO AVOID SICKNESS

Wash your hands properly after using the lavatory.
Just before exiting the toilet or bathroom immediately after a pee, a poo or handling anything inside the bathroom/toilet, ensure that you wash your hands with soap and water. 15 TIMES TO WASH YOUR HANDS TO AVOID SICKNESS

3. Before eating: Even elementary students know that you have to wash your hands before eating. Please, don’t outgrow this.
Wash your hands before eating even when you’re using cutlery. Don’t pick at finger foods or snacks before washing your hands.

4. After Eating: Wash your hands properly after eating; it’s the height of hygiene.

5. When you shake many people:
When you shake so many people; it’s wise to wash your hands. Germs do pass from hands to hands.
6. When you shake hands with people that have Cold and catarrh: Cold and catarrh can easily be transfer through handshake or touching whatever the sick person touches. So, wash your hands immediately you touch them. 15 TIMES TO WASH YOUR HANDS TO AVOID SICKNESS

7. Before preparing food:
It is wise to keep your family safe and healthy So, wash your hands first before putting ingredients together to cook.
8. Before you eat Fruits: We eat fruits cold and raw and it’s easy for them to carry germs into our system. So ,wash your hands and the fruits properly before eating it. 15 TIMES TO WASH YOUR HANDS TO AVOID SICKNESS1
9. After coughing or sneezing:

To avoid taking back the germs you release or passing it to other people, wash your hands after sneezing, coughing and blowing the nose. If water is not immediately available, use a sanitizer but by all means, wash hands properly after doing those sneezing and coughing.

10. When you blow your nose: You have to wash your hands when you blow your nose to avoid the germs and to destroy them.
11. Before feeding the Baby: Don’t ever feed your baby with dirty hands.Wash your hands properly before feeding your new angel.
12. After taking out the trash or picking something off the floor:
Wash hands after picking anything littering the floor or taking out the trash
13.  After holding or using cleaning products, insecticides and any chemicals around the house/area of one’s environment, wash your hands properly.
14.  Before and after changing sanitary pads: Always wash your hands before and after changing sanitary pads to avoid germs.

15. Before and after changing a baby’s diaper:
Clean your hands properly before changing your baby’s diaper, I need not tell you that you will need to wash your hands properly after washing your baby’s bum or change the diaper.

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