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15 Tips To Be A Powerful Woman

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15 Tips To Be A Powerful Woman
If you want to be a powerful woman you can not fail to read this article until the end. You will understand why good-looking women end up being pushed aside by men.

In the course of this article, you will find that the powerful woman exudes happiness wherever she goes. She is not powerful only with a good high heel and not even with a remarkable makeup, its power is not in the game of waist, but in the attitude and, mainly, in the security.

No man wants to date a dead fly, but he wants a woman with whom he can share good and bad times. The woman has to be irresistible to the man, to have personality and own opinion. Men like challenges, marry whom they respect.

1. Do not depend on high heels and red lipstick
A powerful woman need not be well dressed to be seen as such. High heels and red lipstick are just tricks. Self- confidence, however, is what ensures that she is admired even if she is wearing pajamas and slippers.

2. Be Yourself
Pretending to love action movies and that does not support Japanese food just to look like the guy’s soul mate does not work. First because one hour the mask falls, second because someone who agrees, believes and accepts everything is not attractive at all.

Be yourself and oppose every time he says that Gossip Girl is not a good show or that red enamel is vulgar. Make him love who you really are. After all, how many years have you been working on yourself? Nothing is fairer than being valued for it.

3. Always smile
No, powerful woman is not the one that arrives of nose steep looking from top to bottom. Powerful woman is one who comes smiling and treating everyone with an education.

You may have heard that nothing is more attractive than the curve of a smile. Yes, that phrase could not be more true. He may even look at your body while you dance but it is in the smile you gave when you said goodbye that he will think before bed.

4. Know that your happiness does not depend on any man
Lack of hope and illusion do not go well with someone who knows what they want. Understand that being single is not synonymous with being stranded.

A single, well-resolved woman is far more incredible than a woman bound to a broken relationship for fear of being alone.

5. Do not be afraid to change your mind
Having strong personality and well-defined opinions does not mean being stubborn and intolerant. You are not the same person as you were a few years ago and will not be the same from here to some others.

In fact, you probably will not be the same next week. A powerful woman understands that new views bring new theories and that there is nothing wrong with that.

6. Know that self-knowledge is fundamental
Define your tastes, your fears, your preferences and your weaknesses. Self-knowledge is the best way to learn to cope with yourself. After all, this coexistence will last the rest of life.

7. Do not be futile
Not always the person next door is interested in the promotion that is rolling in the mall. As wonderful as that is, know how to talk about other subjects.

There’s nothing wrong with freaking out when you go through a shoe display, but understand that no one is obligated and be as excited as you every time a label is discounted.

8. Do not play games
So he was not the first to call? So you are the one who apologized last time? Relationship games only work if you are 14 years old. After that, they turn you into a spoiled and immature woman.

9. Do not make gossip
A powerful woman has concerns that go beyond the new relationship of the former co-worker and the unwanted pregnancy of the neighbor. Focus on what really matters and leave banal subjects to ordinary people.

10. Be cultured
He will love to hear from the book you just read or what you think of the latest film. Believe me, you’re sexier going to the museum than going to the beauty salon.

11. Be vain
If you love, nail, risk a new hairstyle. The way you treat yourself from the outside is a result of the way you look inside yourself.

12. Do not have freshness
So the hotel room is not the best in the world? It has a beautiful view of the beach. What’s wrong with eating a hot dog on the street after the party? You are still in the company of the one you love.

13. Open your mind
A powerful woman has an open mind and learns to understand before judging. Meet new people, visit different places and open your mind to the world that goes far beyond yours.

14. Have a good heart
The fleshy mouth is not the only thing that makes Angelina Jolie a powerful woman. Looking beyond one’s navel should be a must.

15. Respect
People are not like you, though. Respect opinions, religions, political views and sexual orientations. Enjoy respecting nature, your parents, and your new way of seeing life.

To be a powerful man, you need to do the above. Why don’t you drop a comment on how this has helped you.

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