15 very simple things that make the children extremely happy
Parents often think that children expect grandiose and expensive things and that only then will they be sure of their parents’ love for it. Going to chic places, traveling abroad to famous places and other situations are part of the mental list of parents who care about giving the best for their children.

What can happen is that the focus is very much on the future and on achieving the dream and it is forgotten to live now, which offers dozens of opportunities for joy to the children and their parents. Taking advantage of all the moments together will also result in pleasant memories and more love at heart.

Of course, a trip is also part of the child’s dream, but balance is important and, when it does, will always bring happiness. Some routine things that happen can be extremely beneficial, allowing children to feel the love of their parents in every day and not just on the special occasion awaited. Here are 15 of them:

1. Exclusive ride with the son. Leave the rest at home. He will love it!

2. Ticket in the lunch box. Words of gratitude or an I love you will be wonderful. Especially when accompanied by a piece of chocolate.

3. Castle construction. It is not helping the child build his lego castle, but each one builds his.

4. Step into puddles of water.

5. Make a personalized card for your child with school supplies. He will feel that you are part of the same world.

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6. Adopt a pet. This gesture and caring for the pet will make the child very happy.

7. Upon realizing that the son came back angry from school, hold back and leave the questions about what happened later.

8. Cultivate family traditions, invented by them and parents. Some examples would be pasta on Sundays, bicycle Saturday afternoons, visit the grandparents on the last Sunday of the month …

9. Learn something from the child. Ask him to teach, to really learn from him. He will often help with technology.

10.Allow him to wear party clothes to go to the grocery store.

11. Enjoy the sky with it, especially on full moon nights. Listen to your comments, talk a bit about astronomy and observe every novelty in infinity.

12. Homework time? Putting a happy song and dancing with the child will be fun. Then it’s important to go back to school.

13. Create a secret family greeting.

14. Reveal pictures of him smaller and allow him to see them from time to time.

15.Thank him when he does something alone like hanging the towel after showering.

When living together is enjoyable and parents have time for wonderful moments with their children, the relationship is strengthened and children feel protected and loved, they notice that they are part of a family group and that their growth is a source of pride for their parents.

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