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How To Exercise At Work With Fun

by Oba Samuel
How To Have Exercise At Work With fun

-How To Exercise At Work With Fun

– How To Achieve Your Fitness Goals On The Job

A lot of people use their work schedule as an excuse for skipping regular workout. Even if you try to utilize your evenings to catch up on exercise,it would not be enough to keep you in tune with your fitness goals. How To Exercise At Work With Fun

Your lunchtime presents an avenue for you to exercise but with time constraints. we explore fun ways to exercise while you are at work. Whether its sitting at your desk,pacing the conference room or talking part in a conference call there is an exercise for every moment.

6 fun ways to exercise at work
woman working while exercising

The swivel routine
Your swivel chair can come in as a handy exercise tool. Take out time during the day to use it to stretch your body and release tension. A great way to do this is to lift your legs above the ground and swing your chair to the left and right in quick succession. How To Exercise At Work With Fun

You can also work out your legs silently under the table. Stretch your legs to full length under the table and lift them up as far as you can. Do this repeatedly for about five minutes. How To Exercise At Work With Fun

The desk squat
Throughout the day you waste a lot of time standing around. Whether its waiting for a report or trying to make copies. You can take advantage of this time by adding a squat. How To Exercise At Work With Fun

All you need to do is push the chair out of the way. Stimulate a sitting position with your knees brought together. while in this position, stretch your arms outward in a straight position. Maintain this position and repeat it between 3 to 5 times.

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The sitting dance
Music has a way of pulling you through the most dreadful workdays. it can also help you relax and exercise  throughout the day.You can build up a workout play-list for work. How To Exercise At Work With Fun

With your earphones plugged in , rotate your neck and shoulders to the beat. you can take it a step further by breaking in some steps on your way to the coffee machine or printer.

Keep walking 
To keep blood circulation going and to prevent buildup of muscle strain, it is essential for you to get a move on as much as you can at work. Maximize the  day by taking the stairs as much as you can.

Throughout the  day,take short breaks to say hello to colleagues. stop taking the easy root of shooting off emails when you can work down the hallway and have a discussion about it.

Shadow boxing 
Instead of taking out your frustration by shouting at your colleagues,channel it into exercise.  while standing, throw a couple of punches while changing your stance and combination. This helps to work out your arms and chest.

Hand weights  
If you can sneak a couple of small weights into the office for short weightlifting. They come in handy when you are on those conference calls that seem endless.

If weights are not available, use a full water bottle or your laptop  to stimulate a bicep curl.

With these fun ways to exercise, you do not have any excuse not to consistently meet your fitness goals


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