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Foods You Shouldn’t Eat For Breakfast

by Oba Samuel
Foods You Shouldn't Eat For Breakfast

-Foods You Shouldn’t Eat For Breakfast

-Avoid Unhealthy Meals

Breakfast is known to be the most important meal. Eating a healthy breakfast every morning can reduce the risk for diseases such as cancer and diabetes. But do you know that some of the a.m. choices that we make is completely wrong. Here go the foods to avoid for breakfast.

1. Sugary cereals and bakery items

Some cereals are full of carbs and sugar. When you eat them, your blood sugarrapidly spikes and then comes down. It is not right to let your energy crash at the beginning of the day and hence it is best to avoid such cereals and bakery items. Instead, choose cereals with higher fiber and protein. Add flaxseed or walnuts for more of fiber and protein.

2. Packaged pancakes, donuts.. Foods You Shouldn’t Eat For Breakfast

Packaged pancakes, donuts are sugar-coated or honey-coated and will only satisfy your sweet tooth. Do yourself and your waistline a favor and opt for a whole wheat toast with lite butter. Foods You Shouldn’t Eat For Breakfast

3. Store-bought granola

Most store-bought boxes of granola that might appear to be a health mixture of honey, sugar, oats and dried fruit actually contains lot of fat and calories. Many boxed granola also contain lot of hidden sugar, unless you’re reading labels and consciously buying an organic or natural variety made with simple sugars. Otherwise, you’re basically eating dessert for breakfast.

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