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16 Signs That Your Headache May Be A More Serious Problem

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16 Signs That Your Headache May Be A More Serious Problem
When something is not right with the organism it gives signals through what we call symptoms. Pay attention to these signs, as your headache may be a more serious problem.

Next check out our list and find out when it’s normal to feel this kind of pain that can be so unpleasant and when you need to pay more attention to your health.

1. Pain accompanied by anxiety
When the headache causes nausea and may or may not lead to vomiting. Do not stay home, see a doctor.

2. Very intense and rapid pains
They are those headaches that reach a peak of very intense pain in a short period of one minute and then pass. It costs nothing to do some tests to check your health, do you agree?

3. Headaches that get more intense after sleep
Sleeping should help to improve the pain and not intensify it, so if you wake up to find the pain increased, it is good to see a doctor.

4. Severe pain after blows
Nobody is free of accidents in which he ends up taking a blow to the head.

If you feel severe headaches – in such a situation – you should seek medical help, it may be a sign that something more serious has occurred.

5. Difficulties of vision
If your headache is causing other symptoms – such as vision problems – it can have some serious motivation.

6. Speech disorders
Just as the vision difficulties, of item 5, changes in speech, also represent a sign that the headache can be a more serious problem.

7. Disabling pain
We say that a headache is incapacitating when it is so intense and unpleasant that it forces the individual to stop performing some activities – such as attending classes, going out with friends, leaving early from work.

8. Appears after physical activity
If every time you go for a walk, or practice any sport, you feel this headache, it’s a bad sign.

9. The pain changes place
There are a multitude of types of headaches, these can appear in different points of the head indicating varied problems.

When the pain in question changes place may indicate that there is a greater reason behind this symptom.

10. Neck pain
Feeling torticollis in the headache episode is also a sign that there is something more serious going on. Headache can be a more serious problem, do not forget that.

11. Pain different from other headaches
Some types of headaches are relatively common and almost everyone has had or will have. However, some headaches that manifest are frightening to be different from everything the person has ever felt. If this happens to you, consult your doctor to find out what is happening.

12. Constant pain
Those who have headaches every day should seek a doctor urgently as it is not a normal symptom.

13. Shortness of breath
A normal headache does not cause shortness of breath. So if you find it difficult to breathe, you may have some other problem.

14. It is getting worse
If the headache that started as a mild nuisance is evolving into a kind of disabling pain every day, it is important to do a check up. It may just be a result of stress, but it’s better to be warned, is not it?

15. Mental Confusion and Memory Loss
If it is getting harder to remember a few things, and you feel confused because of the headaches, you should consult your doctor, it may be the result of some disorder in your body.

16. Several of these symptoms together
If by reading the list of signs – that your headache may be a more serious problem – you have identified two or more symptoms, you should be alert to take good care of your health.

Do you notice this and more signs then you should be careful about it. Then visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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