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16 Ways to Know A Pedophile in Your Environment

by Family Reporter
16 Ways to Know A Pedophile in Your Environment

Every pedophile is a thief and should be treated as such. I want to give you some facts you should know about pedophiles:

16 Ways to Know A Pedophile in Your Environment
16 Ways to Know A Pedophile in Your Environment

1. Pedophiles are on the increase today more than at any other time in history.
2. There are both male and female pedophiles.
3. They have no shame and no conscience.
4. A paedophile does not know whether the victim is his daughter or her son. They are like dogs.
5. They are good pretenders. They can be doing one thing, and the moment they see you coming, they quickly change to another thing.
6. Most pedophiles are family members or other close acquaintances. Watch out who you have as your driver, houseboy, housegirl, nanny, home lesson teacher, that family friend you leave your kids with when you are away from home, your neighbor, a colleague at your workplace, etc.


They are at times among family relatives, like in the case of Mr Fidelis cited in the link above.
7. They pretend to love their victim so much. They are the ones who take an unusual interest in your child buying them gifts and always speaking well of them.
8. They work into your heart till you trust them so much that you won’t suspect them for anything.
9. They are not in haste. They take their time and work conscientiously till they win the trust of their victim.
10. They are full of ideas on how to get their target closer and closer till they strike.
11. When they succeed they are the ones that will tell the story of their conquest outside. They will carry the story of your family and your child for all to hear.
12. If they succeed once, it does not end there. They use blackmail, threat and subtle persuasions to hold their victims down and continue with their dirty acts till major harm is done.
13. If they win the heart of your child, they will turn the child against you. They will make the child believe that you don’t care or that you don’t want them to grow up.
14. A pedophile has no inscription on the forehead to indicate that he or she is one.
15. They are like the devil; they don’t hear gentlemanly language.
16. If you choose to cover them they will do more harm. Expose them, give them no hiding place and they will cease operating.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us all arise and fight against paedophiles. They are out to destroy our children, and we must not let them.

Terrifying stories of the activities of these evil beings keep coming up daily while parents are at ease assuming that their children are safe. I dare say that many parents are damn too carefree with their children.

Finally, empower your children; educate them about the activities of paedophiles. Tell them what to do if a paedophile comes near them. Therefore, be their friend so that they can tell you everything.


Ijeoma I. Igwesi
Family Life Coach and Teens Counselor.

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