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17 Parenting mistakes you should not make PART 1

by Family Center

17 Parenting mistakes you should not make PART 1

Adenike Akindude

Parenting comes with a lot of demands that vary depending on the growth of the child, the task of parents begins to grow bigger as the child grows older. How you train your child affects the child at the young age until he or she is old enough, this is why the following parenting mistakes must be seriously avoided.

1. Showing preference: when you show your children that you prefer one to the other, it creates separation in the family as one child feels he or she is not loved like the other. This can affect the emotional state of the affected child which is why no parent should make the mistake.

2. Over-pampering: every child needs to be pampered to some extent but parents should be careful not to pamper a child to the extent that the child will not become a responsible adult.

3. Ignoring talents and gifts: when children start growing, they display certain talents and gifts that are spectacular but it is common with African parents to neglect these gifts. This should not be so as every parent is responsible for the growth of the talents their children are blessed with.

4. Improper dressing: when you go out dressed improperly going out as a parent especially to your child’s school, it brings embarrassment to your child that you may not know. A child whose mum dressed with her undies showing through her clothes was insulted by his classmates without the mother knowing.

6. Fighting: when you fight as a parent in the presence of child it shows how irresponsible you are as a parent and it also serves as an example for your child that he or she can do the same.

7. Lying: some parents are fond of lying in the presence of their children or even telling their children to lie on their behalf. When you do this as a parent you are working towards raising an insincere child that will also end up affecting you in the future.

8. Talking indecently to your child’s teacher: when you visit your child’s school and speak roughly to your child’s teacher in the presence of your child, you are sending a message across to your child indirectly that his or her teacher does not deserve to be respected.

9. Stealing your spouses’ money in the presence of your child: when you steal from your spouse with your child’s knowledge or you ask your child to ask for money for the wrong reasons on your behalf, you are teaching that child to become a thief also.
10. Condemning your spouse in the presence of your child: condemning your spouse’s wrong behavior in the presence of your child gives the child the impression that he or she can also disrespect the parent.

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