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17 Qualities of Healthy Families and Homes

by Bisi Adewale
17 Qualities of Healthy Families and Homes

The modern societies in the world are made up of a great number of dysfunctional homes and families. This is due to the fact that these units of the society (home and family) are comprised of imperfect people.

The good news, however, is that a healthy and peaceful home is achievable despite the imperfection that exists in a family.

Having a healthy family and home does not happen magically. In fact, it requires conscious and deliberate efforts. There are many qualities that must exist within a family and home before it can be considered as great and healthy. All of these qualities combined together make a home a place to be.

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Though the qualities of a healthy home and family are exhaustive, I have summarized them into seventeen (17) points that would hopefully, help in achieving your desires of a healthy home:

1. Fear of God
When there is the fear of God, joy takes the front seat and crisis disappears from the home. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and also the beginning of a good home.

2. Loving Husband
A husband’s true love for his wife will greatly determine the state of that home. A loving husband is surely a caring man who makes the home better and lively. A difficult husband, however, is an unyielding and unbending man who makes the home very difficult and unconducive.

3. Submissive Wife
A submissive wife makes the home in line with what heaven wants it to be. She makes the home better and brings down the level of confusion. She also makes home leadership easy for her husband.

4. Good Parents
For a home to be healthy totally, it goes beyond just being a good husband and wife. It also involves becoming effective parents who lead their children in the ways of the Lord.

5. Obedient Children
Obedient children are also part of a healthy family. When children are not doing well, the family cannot be okay.

6. Homeliness
“Home can never be great when you are never in the house” so says a wise man. Homeliness is the key to a great family life.

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7. Good Leadership
Everything rises and falls on leadership. Every organisation becomes great through great leadership, the family is not exempted. Poor leadership is actually the major source of problems in many homes.

8. Contentment
“Marry someone you love, love someone you married” was the counsel of an old marriage counsellor given to a group of young men and women in a program recently. This is the truth. Many people marry someone they love but never love the person they married.

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9. Prayer
Prayer is the power of marriage. It is a defensive and offensive weapon against the wiles of the enemies against the home. Couples that pray together are stronger and better.

10. Effective Communication
Communication is the engine room of family life. Effective Communication eliminates frustration and suspicion. It makes the journey easier and better.

11. Good Conflict Management Strategies
In every human community, conflict is bound to happen. What makes a home to be healthy is the ability of parties involved to resolve conflicts amicably. In other words, parties involved should disagree to agree.

12. Money Making Ability
Money is the fuel of marriage; money is the blood of family life. Family life becomes much more difficult if bills, rates, rent, fares and fees are not being paid comfortably.

One thing that will help family life is the ability to make money legally. Without this, families are bound to end up in poverty and penury.

13. Wisdom in Money Management
Truly, wisdom in money making is not enough to make a family stable financially. It is not the amount of money made that matters but the amount of money managed rightly.

Learning about budgeting, savings and investment are very important to the success of a home. Financial intelligence will determine the success level of a family.

14. Forgiveness
In a family, there will be offences. People will hurt each other; there will be misunderstandings. Learning to forgive will go a long way to make a home what it is supposed to be. Peace can never be in a home if malice, resentment and bitterness are allowed to reign supreme.

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15. Playfulness
When families are not just working together but playing together, they give room for joy and peace at home. Playfulness is a key to family success.

16. Humor
In a great family, one way to show love and connect is to be humorous, share healthy jokes and laugh together enjoying the moment.

17. Family Altar
Family altar is the place to alter the enemies’ plans for the family. Every family that wants to be strong should do everything to build a strong and vibrant family altar, where the children will be taught the ways of the Lord and be groomed to be responsible children of God.


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