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17 Things To Learn From The Love Life Of Penguin

by Oba Samuel
17 Things To Learn From The Love Life Of Penguin

17 Things To Learn From The Love Life Of Penguin


-By Oba Samuel

Love is one area of life that is inexhaustive. The more we know, the more we keep discovering that it’s so deep. Although, human beings have done a lot to unravel the mystery called love. Yet, there are many things to learn, not only from our fellow human but also from birds.Ranked number one among the birds with good marital relationship worthy of emulation are the Penguins.


According to Wikipedia, Penguins are a group of aquatic, flightless birds. They live almost exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere, with only one species, the Galapagos penguin, found north of the equator. Join me to explore the amazing love life of Penguin:

#1 They are Playmates:

Penguin is one bird that play a lot with its love mate. They are not just sex partners, they are playmates. Penguins are not forced to play together, It is their lifestyle to always connect with one another in a playful mood. Let all Couples play together. Be playmates and not fight mates.

#2 Effective communication:

Just as communication is key to the success of any relationship among human brings,  likewise it is among Penquins. Penguins chatter consistently in a loving manner among themselves which aid their movement together in group. Effective communication involves openness, truthfulness, calmness, positive words and romantic words.

#3 Monogamous:

Another lesson to learn from penguin is that they are monogamous in nature. Unlike other birds who may keep numerous sexual partner, Penguin is a faithful lover who only keeps to its mate as long as they are alive. It is only when the partner dies that most Penguin shop for another lover. I think all human being should take a cue from them. Stick to your spouse and stay faithful in your marriage.

 #4 Excellent Parenting:

Penguins are good examples of parents as both male and female are involved in the process of giving birth to their young ones(Adelie penguins) through hatching of eggs and nurturing them. Penguins play and kiss with their children a lot.

#5 Penguins Woo His Lover Specially:

Male Penguin don’t rape or force anyone into love relationship with him. Instead, it takes time to woo the one he loves by searching for finest pebbles and present it to  the one he loves. The sign of approval of such proposal is that she will put the pebbles in her nest. This signify consent and the beginning of a lifelong love journey. As couples, continue to woo your spouse by getting the best for him or her at all times.



#6 No Sexual Denial:

Unlike human beings, penguin doesn’t need romantic songs, rose or candle light before she release herself for mating, even in harshest weather condition in Antartica, penguin is always in the mood to satisfy its partner sexually. Wives should learn a great lesson here by shunning sexual denial towards their husbands in marriage.

#7 Value their Network Support System:

Penguins acknowledge that there is strength in unity. As a team player, they often go out in groups and this increases their family bond and make their marriage tick. To the married, stop living a solo life, live as a team, build a good network support system.

#8 They are Responsible Adults:

Emperor penguins are responsible adults likewise all the species of penguins grow up as responsible and productive adults caring for one another. Marriage is a call to responsibility, be a responsible husband/wife.

#9 Provides Security For Each Other:

Penguins are security conscious, they are sensitive to the happenings in their environment protecting their children and one another from predators and they guard their abode seriously.To achieve this, they go out as a team. Couples, protect your family from danger. Husbands, be the chief security officer of your family.

#10 Always Brimming With Joy:

Penguins are lively birds, ever smiling and always brimming with joy.They hardly put up a sorry look. To them, joy is their strength in marching forward despite difficulties. No matter what happen to you as a couple, learn to be joyous because joyful partner is a delight of his spouse.

#11 Care for Each Other:

Penguins are care-givers. They ensure that they don’t go too far from one another in order to source for food and also provide heat during cold weathers. Selfishness is far from them. Get rid of selfishness in your marriage because, it’s a major love destroyer in marriage.


#12 Engage In Public Display Of Affection:

Penguin is never a secret lover, never ashamed to let others know that he is in love with his lover. He expresses love publicly to his spouse. If birds can, human being should do better.

#13 They Value Cleanliness:

Cleanliness is their lifestyle. That is why they bathe a lot with their spouse and often seen around water in order to maintain freshness. Husband and wife, maintain good hygiene, bathe together because cleanliness is a precursor to loveliness.

#14 Admire Their Lover A lot:

Penguins don’t let love lie low in their marriage as they keep love glowing with romantic and constant admiration of their partner. Don’t be a dumb lover, admire your lover always in order to keep the butterfly flying in her heart.

#15 They Give Helping Hand: 

Penguins are not users, they are humane. Therefore, both husband and wife work together domestically. The male penguin give helping hand in bathing and feeding their children. What a great lesson for husbands!

#16 Fight Fair:

Just like human beings, penguins have misunderstandings too but they have learnt to fight fair, and keep no grudges. They settle almost immediately to keep the love flowing. In your marriage, stop fighting dirty, keep no grudges against your spouse.

#17 They Are Celebrated Twice:

Due to the unique nature of this adorable birds, they are celebrated twice in the year.

January 20th is dedicated as penguin awareness day while 25th April is World Penguin day 2017.

Moral lesson here is that, when you celebrate your spouse, your family will celebrate her and if you maltreat or disrespect your spouse, everyone around you will dishonor him/her. Get up and celebrate your spouse.


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