by Bisi Adewale

17 Things You Must Do To Enjoy Good Sex With Your Husband.(No 13 Will Make You Smile)

“Don’t just recapture the man, recapture the romance”.

The major problem facing many wives is that they don’t enjoy good sex regularly with their husbands. Many claims that they’ve never experienced orgasm in their lives, while some are even ignorant of what an orgasm is all about.
This is why many women are frustrated and have also developed a deep hatred for sex. Some see sex as punishment for women and enjoyment for men because they see how the men enjoy themselves, and they wonder if they would ever enjoy sex. Sometimes, they feel they are being used; hence, they use all tactics available to prevent this “punishment”.
If they succeed, they make the men angry, totally unfulfilled and vulnerable to strange women, thereby destroying their marriages.

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Sex need not be like that; it is to be enjoyed, but to achieve it, you must be skillful. Sexual enjoyment is 50% in your hands, and 50% in the hands of your husband. All you need to do is to learn how to get the best from this great gift of the high Go


1. Think positively about your body, your husband, and sex.
2. Look forward to bed time. To enjoy yourself, develop a thirst for sex with your run; don’t always allow sex to meet you unprepared.
3. As you come from the office, make a decision to have sex with your husband and enjoy it. He is your husband, you own his body.
4. Make a decision to use your breast and vagina to enjoy sex. Say to yourself, “I will enjoy his touch, his sucking of my breast, his entrance into my “honey pot”, his thrust and ultimately his ejaculation”.

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5. As foreplay is taking place, “shut down” and “light on”. Shut down your brain to the outside world, forget about the children, kitchen, the dishes, the diapers, etc. Then “light on” your mind to enjoy your husband. Look forward to having his penis inside of you, relax totally to enjoy his touch. Soak in the feeling of his sucking of your breast; totally immerse yourself in his ocean of love.
6. As you hold his penis during foreplay, think within you, “this penis belongs to me and me only, I will enjoy it to the fullest”. Tell your husband and watch him smile.
7. Ask your husband for a new style; tell him to change the venue. You are likely to touch his heart in a new way.
8. Discuss with him about how you want to be touched, kissed, the type of thrusting you want etc.
9. Teach him about your body system; let him know what parts are more sensitive than others.
10. Open your lap wide, hold your man tightly, roll with him.
11. Instead of waiting to receive his penis, raise your buttocks to intercept it.
12. Welcome his penis into your vagina with a moan, a smile, a joke etc.
13. Decide that “my vagina will not allow this penis go until it blesses me and releases its honey into my pot”.
14. Use your vagina to meet his penis at intervals, as the penis is made for you.
15. Learn how to roll your buttocks, to thrust up and down, by moving your leg, opening and closing your laps and by bending to the left or to the right.
16. Your thrusting and that of your husband must be complementary. As the man goes “into” you, you should come up, as he goes up, you press down. So raise your hips to meet the penis as the man thrusts inward.

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17. Encourage your husband to thrust vigorously by talking to him as he thrusts, sing his praises by saying, “you are strong”, “more, more, deeper, yes deeper”, “you are a real man”, “powerful!, “pound, pound, that is my man”, “thank God I married
you”, “you are great, your penis is nice, hush, hush, gooooood!”

All these will do two things to you; they will make you reach orgasm every time you make love and it will greatly satisfy your husband. This is one of the secrets of strange women that make men to run after them.
Please don’t forget that you must not just be your husband’s wife; be his mistress, his concubine. Swallow your pride and give your marriage a new lease of life.

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