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7 Questions men must never ask a married woman (#3 is very stupid)

by O. S David

                7 Questions men must never ask a married woman (#3 is very stupid)

—Yomi Adewale 

Sometimes, you wonder why some men meeting you for the first time or at certain occasions will be bold enough to ask a Married woman some sensitive and nauseous questions that one should expect from a close pal or someone who has been getting along well with you, especially personal questions meant for your doctor or counselor to come up with in the process of helping out on some pressing issues, alas some pups just bang on you and pester you with topics mot meant  for public discussion but rather too personal to an individual.


Let’s discuss some of these funny questions:


#1 Why are you pregnant again?

A married woman can be pregnant for her husband depending on their joint decision without any one poke-nosing into their family matter. Of what importance is the question to such person, even if you think the pregnancy is rather early looking at the age of their last child or whatever, it is actually not your headache if you are not her doctor and you are only interacting for the first time, it means you have no relationship at all, then such question is disgusting.


#2 Do you still love your husband?

This is the genesis of many extra marital relationships, when a man who does not have time for his own wife and family yet he creates time for another man’s wife, his intention may never be right, he may be looking for an avenue to create unholy affinity that will look like love but not real, every woman should be sensitive to the tricks of flirts.


#3 When do you menstruate in the month?

You are not her doctor who needed such information for medical reasons, why would you be so interested in her menstrual cycle, you keep wandering if some people are busy, and that is why many are not productive because they channel their energy into doing wrong things


#4 Is your husband taking care of you?

For what reason will you boldly ask a married woman whether the man in her life is taking care of her, even when you assume it is written all over her, she is not your family friend, meeting her in a gathering does not warrant such please, let’s married people who claim they are out spoken put caution on their lips in this regard.


#5 How much do you earn as salary?

One cannot stop laughing, if you are comfortable and you want to impress someone obviously she shouldn’t be your target, this usually drives some women crazy to think even if she is not working you can dash her monthly salary as daily pocket money, you are denting the image of her husband, will you appreciate if another man asks your wife such questions? It may affect her emotion and start misbehaving in her marriage.


#6 What type of family planning method do you use?

This is rather too personal, even among women many questions don’t just pump up except when situation warrant it in gathering where discussion of such will help other women. It is not a question from another man to a woman who is not his wife and you are not her doctor. This question is gender specific


#7 Will you be my friend, though I am married but I can help in ways your husband is not capable?

Men who have time for other women outside their marriage usually become deaf and dumb at home, there should be boundary to every relationship you have as a married woman especially with opposite sex whether married or not, many people have entered into extra marital affair unconsciously in the process and find it difficult to come out of it. You need to be careful.


Matthew 12:36KJV

But I say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment


1 Timothy 5:13KJV

And withal they learn to be idle, wandering about from house to house and not only idle but tattlers also and busybodies, speaking things which they ought not


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