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18-month-old baby saved from abnormal head swelling

by Family Center

18-month-old baby saved from abnormal head swelling

Adenike Akindude

Oryiman Philip, An 18-month-old baby was recently saved by surgeons of the National Hospital Abuja from a condition called hydrocephalus. He has been battling this condition since his parents noticed it when he was three months old.

The health condition causes abnormal swelling of the head. His mother, Rebecca explained that they were humiliated in the village where they live in Benue state as they keep saying that their child was not human. She also explained that she and her husband were helpless as they had no one to turn to for help.

Global Initiative for Peace, Love, and Care led by Mr. Nuhu Kwajafa was the group that gathered support for baby Philip. When the initiative approached the publisher of Maktoub, Mariam Mohammed, she asked that the surgery should be carried out the same day as she paid the N200, 000 cost of surgery. The surgery was performed at the National Hospital Abuja.

The surgery was successful and the size of the baby’s head has begun to reduce gradually and he is now back at home with his parents in Benue state.

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