by O. S David

—Bisi Adewale

If I ask you what kind of husband are you? What will you say? If I ask you what class of husband is yours, how will you answer? Do you know that all husbands are not the same, they come in different classes, degrees and categories. You need to take time to read this so as to know the  kind of Husband you are and try as much as possible to Improve. Join me as we try to see the 4 classes of husbands we have:

4th CLASS HUSBAND: Fourth class husband is the worst Husband any Man can be. He is a terrible husband,wife beater, difficult, unloving, uncaring. He sees himself as a Master in the house, may be an emperor that must be worshipped by all. He dictates, punished, fights, shout, command, decree and order is wife around, he is a slave Master and Commander in Chief of Family forces. Can also be wicked, unyielding, unbending and unloving. No woman can enjoy life under a Fourth Class Husband.

3rd CLASS HUSBAND: These kind of Men are better than forth Class husband. They are The HEAD of their Family, but do become headache of their wives. They trow the headship to the face of their wives always, they often say “I am the head of this family” “if you don’t obey me there can be no peace in this house” They don’t operate out of love at all, they use orders even in the bedroom with their wives, they are not emotional, can be really difficult to live with as they use tradition, Custom and Religion to box their wives to a corner.
They often quote Ephesian 5:22 to make their wives submit, but often ignores Ephesian 5:25

2nd CLASS HUSBAND:  Second Class Husbands Combines both Headship and Leadership. They are not just The Head of their Families, they are leaders at home. Unlike 3rd Class husbands who rule by orders, 2nd Class Husbands lead by consultation, They consult widely with their Wives and Children before Making a decision on anything that  concerns them and the Family.
They will never leave the home without informing their families of their whereabout, mission and their likely time of return
They lead their family through vision and communication, they are visionary and futuristic in their thinking.

1st CLASS HUSBAND: First Class husbands are the best husbands, they combine the quality of a 2nd Class husband with exceptional love, care, kindness, service, sacrifice and Romance.

They are not just leading,they are loving, they are not just Husbands, they are Lover Boys.
First Class Husbands are not seeing themselves as traditional husbands of their wives, who leads by Military fiat, turning the home to a garrison Command, making life difficult for all. They still their wives Boy friends, they do everything to make their wives happy, treating them like First Ladies, Princess and the queens of their lives.

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Remain blessed
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