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Two weeks to my wedding, I caught my fiancée in bed with another man

by O. S David
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Two weeks to my wedding, I caught my fiancée in bed with another man

Would you go ahead with a wedding if you catch your spouse having sex with another person two weeks to your marriage?

My name is Tunde, a 32-year-old man working and living in Lagos. I am a very sad and devastated man now because of what happened to me two weeks to my wedding.

 Many of my friends and family members have been begging me to forget whatever happened and go ahead with the wedding which was supposed to hold in the middle of this month but I am sure none of them would take it because they are not in my shoes.

 I have been in a relationship with Lola for three years now and I love her so much. I have done everything I could possibly do for her and I am sure I have not been found wanting in anyway.

I proposed to her last year and after we had our introduction, we set plans in motion for our wedding this month and I had paid everything her family required.

 The date had been fixed and the invitation cards sent out when I found out the kind of woman I was about spending the rest of my life with.

 If anyone had told me that Lola would ever cheat on me, I would never have believed because I thought she was the most virtuous woman any man can have as a wife. For one, she has always been the church going type, very prayerful and always admonish other ladies to stick to one man.

How was I to know all of those were just a front she was putting up until it blew up in my face. That weekend, she had told me she was traveling to Ibadan to see one of her aunt who had undertaken to cater for the food during our wedding.

 On Saturday, I was bored as there was no football that weekend apart from international matches. After lazing about for some hours, I decided to drive to Lola’s house and pick up some movies since she was a movie buff.

 When I got to her apartment, I notice a car parked close to her window but I thought one of her neighbours had parked the car, so I did not give a thought to it.

 I was at door and was trying to insert my key into the keyhole when I heard soft music coming from the room and I stood back, thinking one of her friends had come in while she was away.

On instinct, I pushed open the door and walked into the sitting room. But there was no one, so I went into the kitchen only to meet used plates and cups littered all over the place.

 I made a mental note to tell Lola about the dirty kitchen and the need to caution her friends. I walked to the bedroom still not sure of what to expect but on opening the door, there was Lola naked as the day she was born, cuddling with an equally naked man I had never seen before.

 The only thing that came out of my mouth was a scream which got them to know they had a third party. When Lola saw me, she also screamed and grabbed for the bed sheets but before she could cover her nakedness, I was already out of the house.

 I have told my parents that I do not want to continue with the wedding without telling them what happened to protect her image.

 She has been sending her friend to beg on her behalf but I am sure I do not want to go ahead with the wedding.


Dear readers, I want you to put yourselves in Tunde’s shoes and advise him on what to do in this very delicate situation.

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