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19 Foods That Your Hair Needs To Glow

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19 Foods That Your Hair Needs To Glow
Did you know that the beauty and strength of your hair is a reflection of your diet? The phrase ‘we are what we eat’ falls like a glove for the look of the wires, thinking of this we have listed the following 19 foods that you should eat for your hair to stop falling and growing faster.

What goes to your table influences the strengthening and growth cycle of your hair so be aware of the tips!

1. Sweet Potato – Rich in Beta Carotene
People who adhere to the fitness lifestyle have in sweet potato a great ally, your hair can also take advantage of that tuber.

The food is rich in beta-carotene which is an antioxidant that when it enters the body is converted into vitamin A which, among other functions, keeps your scalp healthy.

2. Salmon – Rich in Omega-3
Fatty acids called omega-3s are the good fats that we can get from food and account for about 3% of the composition of the locks.

Fish such as salmon, trout, sardines, and herring contain significant amounts of these good fats.

3. Eggs – Combination of minerals
Those who like eggs are lucky because this food has a powerful combination of minerals among which are: zinc, sulfur, selenium, and iron.

All are relevant for the hair, however, the iron deserves prominence because it is that it takes oxygen to the hair follicles (roots of hair strands) and with it helps to strengthen them.

4. Avocado – Rich in Omega-3
One more option from the list of foods to include in the menu and your hair stops falling and growing faster, which has the omega-3 fatty acids.

It is no wonder that avocado is the king of homemade recipes for moisturizing hair, eating it besides being a delight helps you absorb more nutrients.

5. Skimmed milk – Rich in Calcium and Vitamin D
Vitamin D is very important for health as a whole, and for hair care, it plays a major role in the renewal of the scalp by giving more health to the hair follicles preventing the cycle of birth and death of the hair is abbreviated.

In skim milk besides finding this vitamin, you will also find calcium which is an essential nutrient.

6. Parsnips – Rich in Selenium
Selenium is not one of the most well-known minerals, but it has great relevance when it comes to hair care because it contributes to the appearance and cleanliness of hair. People who suffer from dandruff need more selenium in the body.

7. Oysters – Rich in zinc
People who have severe hair loss usually have zinc deficiency in the body. Eating oysters can help you balance the levels of this nutrient so as to stop the hair falling. Zinc still contributes to better visual hydration of the hair.

8. Poultry Meat – Rich in Vitamins from Complex B
In these meats, which are leaner than red meat, it is possible to find a large concentration of B vitamins that help in the renewal of hair cells as well as strengthen the hair.

We also emphasize that poultry meat has a large amount of protein contributing to the reconstruction of the loins.

9. Cereals – Rich in Complex Carbohydrates
The complex hydrate carbons are fundamental so that the cycle of birth, growth, and death (fall) of the wires happens within the expected.

In cereals like corn, rice, quinoa you find this nutrient in addition to vitamins and minerals. Choose whole grains that are healthier.

10. Spinach – Rich in Vitamin C and Iron
Two nutrients that are of great importance for those who want to keep their hair more beautiful, vitamin C and iron, are found in a very interesting concentration in spinach.

The function of these nutrients is to contribute to the oxygen transport of scalp cells as well as to synthesize the essential oils for the region. To complete this food still, has beta-carotene.

11. Walnuts – Rich in Omega-3 and Biotin
Biotin, also called vitamin H, is one of the main nutrition ingredients used by the cosmetics industry for the locks.

Combined with omega-3, this vitamin makes your hair stronger and brighter. In walnuts, you find these two components besides Vitamin E.

12. Lentils – Rich in Minerals and Vitamins
Lentils may even be small, but a number of nutrients they provide for the body is quite large being an excellent alternative to strengthen the hair and contribute to the end of the fall process. In the list of nutrients that the lentils have are biotin, iron, zinc, and proteins.

13. Watercress – Rich in Sulfur
We need sulfur in our body to keep the production of keratin constant that works by renewing the wires. The food still has anti-inflammatory substances that act by making the body stronger and preventing hair loss.

14. Almonds – Rich in Folic Acid
A nutrient that makes all the difference when it comes to having strong, beautiful hair, folic acid, can be found abundantly in almonds.

In these oilseeds, you will still find other important nutrients such as magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium.

15. Bilberries – Rich in Vitamin C
Besides being beautiful and tasty blueberries have a lot of Vitamin C, studies show that they can have more than oranges.

This vitamin activates the blood circulation micro-vessels of the scalp so that your hair stops falling and grows faster.

16. Carrots – Betacarotene Rich
We already mentioned in this list of foods that help hair stop falling and grow faster than beta-carotene is important because it converts to vitamin A, know that in carrots you also find this antioxidant agent.

17. Oranges – Rich in Vitamin C and Antioxidants
Those who suffer from dry and dull locks should bet on this fruit in their daily lives.

Eating orange in addition to increasing your vitamin C reserves – which as we have seen is essential for having more beautiful locks – contributes to a powerful antioxidant action in your hair.

18. Oat – Rich in Silicon
This mineral is one of those that contribute to the structuring of the keratin – protein that acts forming the threads.

It is able to make hair stop falling and grow faster, and even increases its amount of Complex B vitamins and zinc by including oats in your diet. The ingredients allow the multiplication of the cells that give rise to the capillary bulb.

19. Tomatoes – Rich in Vitamins
Always having the table a beautiful tomato salad is one way to help your hair stop falling and grow faster.

Rich in vitamin C and several other vitamins this is one of the most friendly foods in your yarn.

Do you all or more than one at your disposal? Then try as much as possible to eat them regularly so that your hair can come out well, and you can keep fit also health wise.

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