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19 Reasons Why Women Cry

by Family Center

19 Reasons Why Women Cry
Have you seen a woman crying? Then you may wonder why she cries always It’s not her fault. The followings will make you know why.

1. Tiredness
That is right, tiredness can make a woman cry. They are very emotional.

2. Frustration
When someone breaks a woman’s heart, when promises are not fulfilled, when we can not get that vacancy or anything that frustrates us, then she turns to crying.

3. Happiness
Nothing can better express the joy overflowing in the heart than the tears that flow through the eyes.

4. Hormones
When hormones make a woman cry, then don’t forget that the water just flows down.

5. Movies
If the movie ends well, they will cry for happiness; It ends badly, they cry with sadness. It does not apply to all movies and not all women, but because they are sentimentally more involved, they can feel in or close to the protagonist and feel what he/she would feel. Pure empathy.

6. Marriages
Several reasons: the bride and groom will leave their parents’ house, the blessing on the bride and groom was exciting, because they remember their own marriage, because we wanted to be married too, for our daughters who will one day marry, anyway, and the list keeps on going on and on. Marriage is a reason to put them in a way to crying.

7. Our babies
Hugging our newborns is a unique emotion. It deserves many tears.

8. Any baby
You do not need the baby to be ours to thrill us. So let’s cry.

9. Anxiety, fear
Life is full of worries, dangers and difficulties, especially for women who can barely go out at night without being at risk.

10. Dominance
We cry when we feel that our men want to dominate us, to diminish, to treat us as property, or to think that they are better than us only because they are men.

11. Maltreatment
We cry when we realize that the world can be hostile to women and when men hit us, they attack, they rape, they disrespect, they kill, then a woman can cry.

12. Our little value
Not that they are of little value, but the way they are treated. Women cry when we see our bodies selling products, being objectified, standardized, when they ascribe our value to our appearance, when they dictate how much they should weigh and when they can finally age, when they earn less for our work and still blame them for it.19-reasons-why-women-cry

13. Jokes
Women also cry when are mocked at. Also when looks or our natural periods (PMS, menstruation), sexism, racism, comparisons with animals and weapons (elephant, whale, monkey, cannon), comes up, then they can give way to tears.

14. Pregnancy
The hormones that fix and do the work of the placenta in the womb are responsible for the crying of the pregnant woman. It’s biological, simple fact.

15. More prolactin
Women of childbearing age – between 12 and 45 years of age have prolactin, with the highest concentration being between 15 and 30 years. So, at that age, some take to crying!

16. From what they imagine
It does not have to happen to make us sad. That’s right, we cry when we imagine, for example, when they are being betrayed, when some loved one is late arriving and they imagine that there was some accident to a loved one, when a boyfriend does not care or when they imagine that he is gone forever.

17. Out of anger
Men get aggressive when they feel angry, women, besides being aggressive, cry. They usually cry more from anger than from sadness.

18. Because we want
Sometimes a woman feels the desire to vent some emotion and the best way is through tears.

19. They are allowed
Crying has always been associated with weakness and therefore it is repressed in men, but, fortunately, for us women it is different. They can cry without judgments.

Do you think that the woman besides you is always crying? Then, the above are some or one of the reasons.

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