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19 ways you can enjoy marriage as a Pastor’s wife PART 1

by Family Center
19 ways you can enjoy marriage as a Pastors wife PART 1

-Adenike Akindude

19 ways you can enjoy marriage as a Pastors wife PART 1

19 ways you can enjoy marriage as a Pastor’s wife PART 1

Being a Pastor’s wife comes with a lot of respect and honor but this does not leave out the demand that comes with it. So many people look up to you and many others are looking for ways to show you that you are not fit to be in the position.

For you to enjoy your marriage and be successful as a Pastor’s wife there are things you should do and some things you should not do.

Find those things here:


  1.       You must not be jealous: as a pastor’s wife, you can’t avoid women being around your husband. This will always happen so, a Pastor’s wife must be tolerant but at the same time watchful.


  1.       Must have a thick skin: a pastor’s wife must be able to withstand all weathers because certain situations will come that will shake her stand but she must be determined to be victorious at the end of it all.


  1.       You must be accommodating/ hospitable: as a Pastor’s wife, you must be open to all. Be ready to take care of people. You must never chase anyone away from you or your husband but accommodate them and their needs.


  1.       Must be sensitive to member’s need: one of the major responsibilities of every Pastor’s wife is to know the needs of the members of her congregation not just spiritually but physically, emotionally, materially. However, she shouldn’t wait to be told but should be able to notice it.


  1.       Must be sensitive to happenings around her husband: every woman including a Pastor’s wife should be sensitive to everything happening around her husband. A pastor’s wife has to be much more sensitive because if care is not taken her husband may fall without her knowledge.


  1.       You must be prayerful: prayer is important for everyone; this is why a Pastor’s wife needs to pray more not for herself alone but for her husband, her family and the church as a whole. Prayers will help to build her up and also to stand against the plans of the enemy.


  1.       Must be trustworthy: a Pastor’s wife must be someone people can confide in. when people discuss issues with you as a Pastor’s wife you must be careful the kind of person you share this with.


  1.       You must be supportive: a pastor’s wife must support her husband in all circumstances. She must never neglect her duties for any reason whatsoever. You must always remember the promise you made your husband on your wedding day that “for better, for worse”


  1.       Must have a mentor: as a Pastor’s wife, sometimes you are down and confused, sometimes you don’t know what to do and your husband can’t help. If you have a mentor at this point you will be able to approach that person for counsel.
Take note however that your mentor should also be a Pastor’s wife that you can always confide in and someone with a good report from others who have been able to build with her husband a strong ministry that has stood the test of time.
This means she should be somebody older and stronger spiritually and otherwise. Watch out for PART2.

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