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2 men fight over paternity of 5-month-old baby

by Adenike Akindude
2 men fight over paternity of 5-month-old baby.dailyfamily.ng

A 5-month-old-baby delivered by an 18-year-old girl has caused a fight between two men, Tosin Ajayi and Kesiena Tito over the paternity of the child in Warri, Delta State.

The matter came to public notice when Tito one of the two men filed a ‘threat to life’ petition against Ajayi at the Delta State Police Command, Warri, Delta State.

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Reports gathered revealed that the baby, Emmanuel was born in Ajayi’s house as his 18-year-old girlfriend; Blessing Iroroteh, the mother of the baby, had been staying with him since 2015 before delivering the baby in 2017.

Ajayi claimed that when the baby was delivered, his sister took care of the medical bills.

He added that Blessing’s mother stayed in his house for two months with her daughter and the baby but was shocked when the mother took her daughter to Tito’s house claiming that he was the real father of the baby.

Ajayi said: “I was at home when the police came to arrest and take me to the area command.”

He claimed to had been under pressure from Tito’s family who paid him an amount of 100, 000 and made him sign an undertaking stating that he was not the father of the baby.

However, Ajayi insisted he was the father of Emmanuel. He said: “I am the owner of the baby. I don’t want to sell my child. They should go ahead with the DNA but that other man should pay for it.”

Tito claimed he has been Blessing’s boyfriend for five years and had been responsible for her education but they only separated for 10 months over unresolved problems.

Tito maintained he was Emmanuel’s father and not Ajayi, he said: “We were dating before for the past five years before she left me. The baby is my own.”

Blessing, the 18-year-old girl and mother of the baby explained that she moved in with Ajayi with the opinion that Tito would not accept the pregnancy.

She claimed that her mother was also aware of the fact that the baby belongs to Tito which was why she allowed Ajayi to host a child dedication ceremony for the baby.

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The police said the case should be transferred to the court and a DNA test should be carried out to find out the father of the baby.

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