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20 Super Good Foods for the Brain

by Family Center

20 Super Good Foods for the Brain
Most people are concerned about maintaining a balanced and balanced diet to meet their body’s needs. However, not everyone has the same concern in providing nutrients to your brain . Like the heart or lungs, the brain needs special nutrients.

Depending on what is on your desk it may be that you have a quicker reasoning and a better preserved memory.

1. Leaves dark green
Some nutrients are essential for your brain to be alert and performing electrical changes.

Among these nutrients are iron, phosphorus, selenium and zinc that can be found in foods like green leaves.

So how about including green leaves like chard, chicory, cabbage, endive or lettuce in your salads?

2. Salmon
The great differential of salmon to the brain is the fact of being rich in fatty acids like omega

3. Citrus Fruits
Tangerine is good for the brain. Citrus fruits like orange and tangerine contain a large amount of vitamin C that promotes antioxidant action that consists of combating free radicals (agents that cause premature aging). Vitamin can also be found in fresh seeds.

4. Blackberries
Another fruit that helps fight the action of free radicals, however, in this case this is due to the powerful action of flavonoids.

Eating blackberries frequently (besides being a delight) also helps keep your memory good.

5. Egg yolk
For those who have twisted their nose for this item from the list of super good foods for the brain, you should know that it contains a substance called choline that participates in the construction of the new cell membrane.

6. Broccoli
If you definitely do not want to eat egg yolk you can get choline through broccoli.

The importance of choline is also in promoting new neural connections. Your brain is like the muscles in your arms that need to be trained and stimulated.

7. Black chocolate
A delight and quite interesting to keep your brain always active and attentive.

It possesses a significant amount of caffeine combined with flavonoids (which we have already seen above helps fight free radicals).

8. Lemon
Item that does not please everyone, but that is on this list because it contains polyphenols, which perform an intense antioxidant action in your body and contribute to your brain working assertively.

9. Flax seeds
Another powerful source of omega 3 so your brain is stimulated to work better and better.

These seeds have quite positive effect also for taking care of your body since they are rich in fiber.

10. Walnuts
The beautiful and delicious nuts are rich in tryptophan that helps regulate your sleep and also so your brain performs better in day to day activities.

11. Oats
Another item on the list of good foods for the brain that are good for the body. Essential nutrients are found in oats, such as folic acid, oleic acids, B vitamins, among others.

12. Tomato
A food rich in a substance called Lycopene, which acts as a potent antioxidant and can still be quite important to avoid the worst damage caused by diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

13. Complex carbohydrates
Those who do diets that cut carbohydrates are making it easier for several health problems to arise and still reducing the amount of mental activity.

The brain needs glucose that is supplied in a regular way to constant by complex carbohydrates such as bread and potatoes. Sweets are simple carbohydrates that are absorbed so quickly that they end up becoming just fat.

14. Green Tea
In addition to having an interesting diuretic effect for those who are trying to eliminate a few pounds, this tea acts by increasing the electrical changes performed by the brain.

Some studies suggest that regular drinking reduces the chances of getting Parkinson’s disease.

15. Coffee
Much is spoken of coffee as a villain for health, but in fact he has already received his redemption for science.

It is proven that caffeine (provided it is consumed in an adequate amount) helps your nervous system to be stimulated and your brain increases activity.

16. Spinach
Rigorous in potassium is great for the brain, Popeye taught us that this food is great for the body, but for the mind is not behind. Potassium makes the brain work faster and make more neural connections.

17. Soybean
The benefit offered by soy is in the fact that it is rich in lecithin, which acts to promote a true cleaning wherever it goes.

Studies have shown that lecithin still works by rebuilding neural structures as well as improving memory.

18. Saffron
Studies have noted that saffron is rich in a substance called curcumin, which is a compound that helps prevent progression of symptoms of diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

19. Hazelnuts
Certainly one of the items on this list that most people like, and that, has a lot of manganese.

20. Avocado
One of the foods that has the ability to help your brain work harder and better by increasing your neural connections.

Over time this foods have done a whole lot of good to the brain. Experts have recommended this and also endorsed it. Try it out today and let us know how they have greatly worked for you.

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