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20 Unrealistic Expectations In Marriage

by Daily Family

20 Unrealistic Expectations In Marriage

– Bisi Adewale

These are expectations that are not possible to be met by your spouse, even if he/she is an angel. Let me state some of them. Note that most of them come from our boyish, girlish and pre-marital dreams.


  • I will change him or her to suit me.
  • There will be pleasures all through.
  • My spouse will never offend me.
  • Sex 24/7
  • The house will always be clean.
  • My wife will always look beautiful and well dressed.
  • Highs of love forever.
  • My husband will always be by my side.
  • He/she will continue to make me happy.
  • A good marriage does not involve misunderstandings
  • Pre-marriage romance will continue
  • He/she should know what I want.
  • My husband will meet all my financial needs.
  • My spouse must be perfect.
  • Our marriage will work out itself. We don’t need to work on it.
  • He/she will take me as I am. I don’t need to change or improve”.
  • All we need is love; love conquers all.
  • My wife will not change. She will look as slim as she is now in marriage.
  • There will be no bumps on the road. Everything will be smooth.
  • My husband/wife should meet all my emotional needs.
  • I will lose nothing in marriage. My wife needs to give all to me.

All these unrealistic expectations are wrong assumptions. They will be extremely difficult to meet except by God himself.

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