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2017 budget may be delayed says Goje

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2017 budget may be delayed says Goje.

Ojo Taiwo

The chairman of the senate committee on appropriations, Senator Danjuma Goje, whose house was raided by the police last week, said critical files relating to the 2017 budget were carted away by the police from his house and the Police action may delay the 2017 Budget passage.

He said this while explaining to The Senate why 2017 may be delayed.

He also stated that his personal laptops and 18 documents containing his committee report on the 2017 budget have been taken away by the Police.

Meanwhile, the senate had earlier assured Nigerians that the 2017 budget, which was laid before them last December by President Buhari Would be passed immediately the house resumes from the Easter recess.

Goje also noted that before the document was carted away, the Appropriation committee had planned to lay the budget on Tuesday 25th for the Senate’s passage.

“I want to apologize to my colleague that we could not keep to the timetable you gave us to lay budget on Tuesday and to get it pass on Wednesday.

“It is not our own fault, it is the fault of the police because the police interfered with the whole budget process. I hope Nigerians will not turn around to blackmail the National Assembly because the process was truncated by the police” he said

Goje said the raid on his home was assumed to be that of the Economic Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) until it was later discovered that it was the police that raided is Asokoro home in Abuja.

He added that the reason for the raid is yet to be revealed.

However, the House of Representatives has reacted to the issue of the budget by giving the Police 24 hours to return all documents relating to the 2017 Appropriation Bill allegedly carted away in Gojes house.

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