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2019 Elections: Seamless Ways to Monitor Your Vote

by Israel Akintunji
Heavy downpour delays election in Lagos

The much anticipated Nigerian general elections is here already, today we are less than 24 hours to the poll.

Nigerians being curious and internet-centric people will be willing to know what will be happening across the country.

Unlike the 2015 election, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has banned public use of mobile phones during the elections.

However, over 100 election observer groups have been accredited to monitor the elections, Nigerians can be sure of a properly monitored election.

Today we will be revealing how to get election results and news even during the process of the election.

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First is an election monitoring app called Zabe, Zabe is an election monitoring app that provides a fast and better method of collating results. Accredited citizen observers are expected to crowd-source the app with credible information on incidents, events, and results around them as they go about the election process.

Download it here

Second is AAC Party App, this app was initially created for members of the African Action Congress, it, however, has an election monitoring feature where users can see updates from the electoral activities across the country.

Download it here

Although there has been information that the FG has plans to jam the telecommunication and internet system in the country, in order to take advantage of the Apps you can download VPN from app stores to enable you to bypass restriction

Now with your internet you can sit at home and see what’s happening across the country.

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