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Robber caught after snatching a woman’s bag

by O. S David
Robber caught after snatching a woman's bag

Robber caught after snatching a woman’s bag


A gang of robbers whose major operation is to attack, snatch and run and in some cases, maim their victims met their water loo today. This happened along Umezurike Hospital Road by Nworie River in Imo state.

An unsuspecting young Lady was walking along the said road, not knowing that he was being trailed by the hoodlums operating with a Tricycle(Keke).

Eye witness accounted that as they approached the Lady, they grabbed her handbag and hit the road.

The attack made the victim to raise alarm which attracted ever vigilant and conscious Imolites including operatives of Imo Civil Guards. The criminals were given a hot chase that made them run.

Their trick to distract those pursuing them by throwing away the Handbag yielded no fruit as the charged pursuers sustained their pursuit.

In the melee that ensued, plain cloth Police officers patrolling around joined them.

Along the line, the criminals abandoned the Tricycle and ran to the Nworie River Bush.

Immediately, the area was cordoned and with spirited efforts, one of them was caught.

The police presence stopped the masses from executing jungle Justice immediately.

Investigating, people around quickly testified that the caught criminal is a known face who specializes in snatching of bags, phones etc.

The criminal has since been taking to State CID for further investigations.


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