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21 Differences Between Infatuation and Love

by Gideon Dosu

21 Differences between infatuation and love

Bisi Adewale

Love is when you care very strongly and very deeply about another person. When you love someone, you are there to support them, you work together to solve problems, you’re willing to stand by this person in good times and bad, and you wish nothing more than to watch and help this person grow. But infatuation resides in an immature mind and always think about himself alone. I will tell you more about infatuation in my next post


LOVE: It is an emotion mixed with kindness and compassion

  1. It is godly
  2. It grows out of godly friendship (you do not fall into it, you grow into it).
  3. Love is not blind
  4. You use your common sense here hence you know wrong from right
  5. It is patient, it waits till after wedding before sex
  6. It cannot disorganize you
  7. It puts God first
  8. It lasts long and leads to a glorious marriage
  9. If you are in love, you will be in control
  10. It does not focus on outward attraction
  11. No eye service
  12. It is selfless
  13. It obeys the church authority
  14. It focuses on purity
  15. It glorifies and honours God
  16. It comes from matured mind
  17. It desires to give
  18. It pleases God
  19. It is not proud, it is submissive
  20. It is not envious
  21. It is a good foundation upon which you can build your home as it is based on God



Culled from 32 Ways to Know True Love 


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21 Differences between infatuation and love

21 Differences between infatuation and love


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