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11.POOR MAINTENANCE CULTURE: Inability to maintain things kept in your care can lead to job loss.

12.OUTRIGHT .CARELESSNESS: Being careless can lead to a sack.

13.LAZINESS: Avoiding task or delaying on deliverables can make one lose his or her job.

14.CONSTANTLY LOOSING TOOLS AND MATERIALS: Inability to keep or locate tools kept in your care is not encouraging.
15.MAKING CARELESS ERRORS: Errors can lead to accident/profit loss.etc so one must avoid errors so as to remain on the job.

16.RUDENESS AND USE OF ABUSIVE LANGUAGE: Use of abusive languag in a workplace may not be pardoned.

17. FIGHTING OR VIOLENT CONDUCT: Fighting in a workplace is not allowed,it can be a gateway to sack.

18.DISSENT:  To dissent is to disagree thereby Causing problems among co-workers or management.
19.IMPROPER DRESS CODE: This can create a safety issue as well as show lack of regard for rules.

20.PUSHING OTHERS AROUND: Giving orders is the job of the boss, leave it for for the boss.Lording over others can lead to a sack.

21.THEFT: Stealing and embezzlement of any kind can lead to an outright sack in any organization.

To avoid a sack in this period of recession or at any point in time,it is important to maintain a very high standard in your place of work and avoid all the points listed above.

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