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Bisi Adewale

Parenting a child of any gender can be very challenging, but raising a girl-child can be more tasking as it has its peculiarity. If you don’t do it well, she may fall into the hands of the wrong girls and boys that will bring her down forever. If you do it well, you will end up with a princess in your hands that will grow up to be your insurance and caregiver in old age.

Teach your daughter the following:

  1. Teach Your Daughter Never To Put Any Man In The Place Of God: Lots of women put all their hopes on men in their lives, neglecting God in the process. Teach your daughter that no man is big, trustworthy or qualified enough to take the place of God in her life. So no husband, fiancé, male friends, pastor or any male figure should take the place of the Almighty God in her life, not even her father. People can and will disappoint, but God will never put her to shame. So teach her to hold unto God alone as her primary lover.
  2. Teach Your Daughter That A Professor Of Love May Not Be A Possessor Of Love: Let your daughter know that many men will profess love, but they possess lust. Tell her to be careful.
  3. Teach Your Daughter To Know How To Do Household Work: Never allow your daughter to get married without knowing how to do housework. That will show you to be a bad parent. Teach your daughter how to cook and manage the home.
  4. Teach Your Daughter To Love God As He Is The Only Insurance She Has In Life: Teach your daughter to love God with all her heart because God is the only one that can guarantee her future.
  5. Teach Your Daughter Never To Be Desperate For Marriage: Many girls who were desperate for marriage fall into the hands of the wrong men. These men use marriage promises to manipulate, use and dump them. Teach your daughter never to be desperate for marriage but to wait for her time.
  6. Teach Your Daughter That Her Outlook Matters And She Should Handle It With Care: Let your daughter know that her outlook matters; she should be careful with the way she dresses. Let her know that dressing sexy is not the best but dressing beautifully. Let her know that if she dresses sexy she will attract men who are looking for sex only.
  7. Teach Your Daughter That There Is No Dignity In Premarital Sex: Let your daughter know that there is no dignity in premarital sex. It is shameful and degrading.
  8. Teach Your Daughter That Double Dating Is A Fraud, Not Wisdom: Teach your daughter to date only one man at a time. Let her know that a woman of credibility and integrity will not double date.
  9. Teach Your Daughter That Cohabitation Is Foolish: Warn your daughter never to move into the house of any man until after their wedding day. Let her know that she will devalue herself if she resorts to cohabitation, and she will lose out in the end.
  10. Teach Your Daughter That Sending Nudes To A Guy Is The Most Foolish Thing A Girl Can Do: Warn your daughter against sending her nude pictures to any man. Let her know it is stupid and degrading.
  11. Teach Your Daughter That Whatever A Man Can Do, She Can Do Better: Let her know that whatever any man in her career can do, she can do it better. She should never allow her gender to be a limiting factor to her.
  12. Teach Your Daughter To Take Responsibility For Her Life: Teach your daughter never to wait for any man to feed her. Teach her to take responsibility for her life.
  13. Teach Your Daughter How To Locate The Right Man: Tell your daughter that it’s not every man that is meant for her. The right man is somewhere waiting for her if she can be patient and wise. Teach her how to locate that man.
  14. Teach Your Daughter To Love God Above Any Man: Most girls will abandon God to satisfy a man. Teach your daughter to make God first in her life. God will help her locate a man who will not treat her like trash but as a queen.
  15. Teach Your Daughter That Her Body Is Not To Entertain Any Man: Lots of girls think their bodies are for entertaining the man they love. This is wrong. Teach your daughter that her body is her sacred property, not for entertainment or pleasure of an unruly boy or to satisfy the animal in any untamed man.
  16. Teach Your Daughter Money Has No Gender Bias: Let your daughter know that money has no gender bias. It flows to both men and women who dare to do the right thing.
  17. Teach Your Daughter Never To Pray To Marry A Rich Man But To Work To Become A Rich Woman: Let your daughter know that she must never pray or struggle to marry a rich man. Instead, she should think, plan and work with her hands (not with her private parts) to become rich and comfortable in life.
  18. Teach Your Daughter To Grow To Become A Virtuous Woman: Teach your daughter what it takes to be a virtuous woman. Groom her to become one. Teach her what Godly character is all about. Teach her to be humble, loving, industrious, thoughtful and caring.
  19. Teach Your Daughter That She Is To Submit To Her Husband, Not All Men: Your daughter needs to know that she is to submit to her husband. The Bible did not say she is to submit to all men. Her submission is to God and her husband in future. She is to stand for her right wherever she finds herself and never to bow her head down because she is a woman. Let her know that womanhood is not a crime but a blessing to the world.
  20. Teach Your Daughter That A Princess Doesn’t Look For Men, Kings Will Always Locate Queens: Let your daughter know that princesses don’t beg men. They don’t beg to be loved and be married. Let your daughter know that kings will always look for queens.
  21. Teach Your Daughter How To Cook Very Well: Teach your daughter how to cook well. Good, homely and virtuous women cook well. Wifehood involves cooking nice meals at home. Taking care of a husband involves great kitchen ability. Teach your daughter how to cook well.
  22. Teach Your Daughter That Good Men Don’t Follow Naked Ladies; They Look For Virtuous Women: Let your daughter know good men don’t follow naked ladies; they follow queens. Queens don’t show their cleavage or expose their laps.
  23. Teach Your Daughter That She Should Not Just Look Good Outside, She Should Look Good Inside: Lots of ladies take a lot of time to look good outside, but many are very bad. Teach your daughter to pay attention to her character, not just her outlook.
  24. Teach Your Daughter That Husbands Don’t Have Noodles For Dinner: Teach your daughter to know that dinner is very important at home but husbands don’t have noodles for dinner. She should be a lady who can cook good meals, most especially for dinner.
  25. Teach Your Daughter That Suitors Won’t Come Forever: Lots of ladies take suitors for granted. They abuse their suitors, play games with them or embarrass them. Results, men stop looking for them. When they are in their late 30s, they begin to look for who to marry by all means.

Teach your daughter that suitors will start to flock in when she is in her early 20s and will peak in her late 20s. If she fails to make the most of this period, she will be the one looking for them in her early 30s and will need prayer, fasting, deliverance, feet washing, anointing service, seed showing and lots more to find them in her late 30s. It will take only God to find one in her 40s.

Teach your daughter that the market of suitors for a woman is not open forever. She should pick the right one with God’s direction, humility and thanksgiving to God quickly and not waste her opportunity.

26. Teach Your Daughter That The Internet Never Forgets Or Forgives: Lots of girls post their nude pictures on the internet. They do not know that the internet does not forget or forgive. Years later, someone can lay his or her hands on it and destroy the career of the young lady.

Teach your daughter never to post her nude pictures on the internet for any reason. Let her know the danger that portends for her future, her career and her marriage.

27.Teach Your Daughter That She Has The Best Outlook In The World. Teach Her To Celebrate Herself: Lots of young girls don’t like their outlook. They will rather like to look darker or fairer. They will rather like to look slimmer or fatter. Girls with big breasts will rather want them smaller. The one with smaller breasts will rather want them bigger. This has led many young girls into low self-esteem, bitterness and depression.

Teach your daughter to love who she is, how she looks and celebrate who she is as a creature of God.

28. Teach Your Daughter That Sex Is Not Love And Love Is Not Sex: Many girls equate love with sex and sex with love. This makes them all into the hands of bad boys who profess undying love for them.

Let your daughter know that boys do not need to be in love before they have an erection. Boys can sleep with anybody without any emotion attached to it. Shout it in the hearing of your dear daughter that sex is not the same as love.

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