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3 Amazing Benefits of Running Outdoors

by Family Center
3 Amazing Benefits of Running Outdoors

3 Amazing Benefits of Running Outdoors
We live today in a world so full of stress and this causes many to develop a frenetic pace. Unfortunately, this rhythm tends to make many people feel sick and empty.

Of course, we know that part of this is because life has become more difficult and complex, requiring continuous effort and performance from all of us.

However, the race for material gains is crushing the health of many. Thus, it is essential that these people slow down and rethink their values. Well, we need to hurry and run to things that really matter like family, friends and, most importantly, health. All the rest can wait.

It may be difficult for some to slow down, however, if there is commitment and discipline so that, more and more, there is not so much commitment to transient things, but rather a continual effort to take care of health and the things and people that make you happy, it is possible to recover not only health, but also the pleasure of living.

According to a research, people who are keen to start jogging on the treadmill, especially the sedentary ones, are overweight. Also the treadmill can be a complement for anyone who already trains on the streets.

See the incredible benefits for those who want to run in the street:

1. Measure the rhythm
According to a physical trainer, when we run in the street we can increase our perception as to the pace of race that we are. This way you can avoid mistakes, such as getting tired too fast.

Another important point is that on the streets we are more likely to suffer injuries, so we need to get used to the type of floor, as it requires a lot of adaptation of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.

2. Air resistance
Running on the street allows for a greater physical strength in the matter of air resistance, that is, the faster we are and the more we strive, the more we will feel that force working in us.

Studies indicates that the efforts and intensity that is practiced when running in the street, to be compensated by a treadmill it is necessary to incline it of 0.5 to 1.0%.

3. Nature
Although many are mats that already possess the ability to simulate activities such as climbs and long intervals, average shots, fartlek, none can ever compensate for the outdoors. Being close to nature, getting out of trouble for half an hour and getting away from monotony, this is what many are looking for.

So running on the street is rewarding not only for professional runners, but also for all of us who value our health and life. Pick up your boots now and hit the streets in the early hours of the day in order to keep fit again.

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