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3 Essential Activities to Make Your Resume More Attractive

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3 Essential Activities to Make Your Resume More Attractive-dailyfamily.ng

3 Essential Activities to Make Your Resume More Attractive
The competitiveness of the labor market is becoming more and more intense. If before, having a college degree was enough to get a good placement within a company, today this is considered a minimum requirement for most positions.

Considering this different scenario, it is necessary to use other resources to be able to stand out from the crowd and achieve the desired job vacancy.

We have selected some ideas and suggestions for activities and courses you can do to make your resume more attractive than the other candidates. Check it.

1. Voluntary work
Doing a volunteer job, besides being a noble gesture, can have good results in your professional life. Depending on the area where you volunteer, you will be learning skills and acquiring the knowledge you need for your career.

In addition, voluntary work is well viewed in the eyes of society and this includes companies. Another benefit of volunteering is to help those who need it. Examples of volunteer work include NGO service to help children with cancer or to collect and care for abandoned street animals, among other types of volunteer services.

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2. Language courses
Having knowledge of another language has become a characteristic more and more demanded by those who hire an employee. In many cases, the minimum required is to have notions of English or Spanish written to understand instructions given in these languages.

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As this has been increasingly demanded from job candidates, people have been looking for these courses more, and with that, the required level has also risen.

Currently, speaking only one foreign language is not always enough. There are cases of companies that need staff who are fluent in more than one foreign language.

Therefore, it is worth investing, not only in English but in other languages that can be related to the business area in which you fit. Some industries, for example, need employees fluent in French, while others in German and so on. Therefore, invest in this knowledge to stand out among the candidates.

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3. Extension courses
Extension courses, because they are not an obligation of the curricular degrees of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, are a differential that every candidate must have in their curriculum.

In general, these courses bring specific knowledge of the area in question that can make one candidate stand out from the others.


For example, a company that has a large contingent of employees in generation Y (born between 80 and 90) will prefer to hire specialized HR personnel in this generation, because they may be able to better deal with the challenges that will arise in relation to the work dynamics of this generation.

There is a huge range of extension courses available, so it is worth researching one that really interests you so that you feel motivated to do so. If you have little time to dedicate or do not want to go to university or college, take an online extension course. Some of these online courses are free.

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Finally, investing in professional life is not just about taking an undergraduate course. Constantly updating and engaging in varied activities, including cultural activities, can enrich your resume even more. So, invest in these activities and enjoy the good results that can bring you.

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