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3 Facts That Women Do not Know About Men

by Family Center

3 Facts That Women Do not Know About Men
When it comes to understanding the opposite sex, it’s hard not to come out accusing your representatives of being unresponsive to our emotions and manias, as if we did not do exactly the same with men. Do you really understand your partner? Like some myths about women in which men continue to believe, we are not left behind in the question of understanding.

1 – Men can not read thoughts
It is natural for a woman to close when she is upset about something, but to solve a misunderstanding, talking about it is imperative. The famous masculine question “what happened?” Effectively expects a different response from “nothing.” If a man asks you what happened, it is because he does not really know what it was, however obvious the situation may seem to you.

You also need to make your preferences, your tastes, and your wishes clear, without waiting for the other to guess what’s going on in your head.

Talking about what bothers you, bothers you or is good is the first step to avoiding “noise” in the couple’s communication – and communicating with the partner in an appropriate way is fundamental for the relationship to be built on solid foundations.

2 – Men are very (but very) simple
Really. Men are so simple that often this is what confuses us so much. For example, when a man says that “it was nothing,” it is because it was nothing at all. Unlike us, women, they do not often use the lines in a dialogue, often preferring torn sincerity.

Man is rustic and usually uses short answers. Man does not dwell on quarrels, and when a discussion ends, for him it really ends.

That’s why when you ask if he likes a particular outfit or if he thinks you’ve gotten fat, you need to be prepared to hear the truth.
Your boyfriend will not do as his friends, who seek the most delicate way of telling you what they think, and sometimes they prefer not to say not to hurt you, he simply says it.

3 Men are inattentive
If you’ve ever had at least one boyfriend in your life, you know how true this is. Most men are barely able to notice their clothes or their shoes, let alone the small details of their personality.

That’s why so many men complain that they do not know how to choose gifts for their mates. For them, it is difficult to record their preferences.

So when you say that you like a certain food and the guy calls you right to the restaurant that serves you, or – even more incredible – prepare this dish for you, besides the effort to accompany you on what you like, recognize the effort which he probably did to remember what you like.

Well, we can never fully understand each other to the extreme, but be rest assured that if you study a man to his death, you may get a bit closer to knowing him.

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