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3 Financial Mistakes That Every Couple Makes Without Realizing It

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3 Financial Mistakes That Every Couple Makes Without Realizing It-dailyfamily.ng

3 Financial Mistakes That Every Couple Makes Without Realizing It
Recently, a research was done that resulted in a very important issue in the Times magazine about the three financial mistakes that every couple makes without realizing it.

1. Do not talk about money before marriage
We know that when romanticism is in the air we do not stop to talk seriously about finances, maybe because it’s a new relationship and we know that talking about it can take the climate out of the meeting.

This is very important, and avoid talking about money can prevent the two really know each other because often the couple starts fights for having a very different vision about the priority than to spend. A conversation about it before the marriage could make it clearer about their views on the same subject.

It is very important for the couple to talk in order to know in which order things will go in this new life for two. If they will study, graduate, if they will have children then, where to live, if they will buy a house, apartment or rent for a time, if they prefer to travel before having children.

Many couples would avoid early divorce if they had previously talked and if planned better and really sought out know the vision of the other about each phase of their future life together.

2. Avoid talking about money after marriage
Continuing to avoid such conversation opens a great door to financial infidelity within marriage. What the husband or wife buys or stores or the value they both get should always be the satisfaction of the spouse. Marriage, roughly speaking, is a contract and can be seen as a partnership in a company.

Of course talking like that is not romantic at all, but you can decorate it any way you want, in the end, the two need to be accountable to each other, yes. Even if one does not like or does not have a lot of financial skill and prefers to leave that part of the responsibility to the other, the two should be aware of their family financial situation. One tip: every couple should have a monthly financial meeting.

As much as one has a lot of financial skill and the other confidence, if the two are not aware of the situation, when he gives something wrong, it will generate a fight and a sense of betrayal. So the importance, even being boring something needs to be accompanied by the two.

3. Do not give financial education to the children
Much of the financial education that is given to children is through example, explaining where the money comes from. Do not give in to all your child’s requests, teaching the value of work, winning by deserving, buying what is needed and having economic reserves for hard times. There are many ways to teach by example.

Please never make the mistake of not talking about finance either of bonds, money or the likes. In that way, you would carry the family along financially.

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