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3 Foods That Promote Hair Loss

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3 Foods That Promote Hair Loss
Everything we eat interferes with our health and well-being. The excess or scarcity of some foods contributes to the development of diseases, and for that reason being always on the lookout and being careful about food is a necessity.

The current ease of food consumption, known as Junk foods, may contribute to the problem’s escalation. Eating healthy foods such as grains, meats, fruits and vegetables are indispensable to maintaining proper health.

Your physical appearance is also impaired when your body suffers from bad eating choices. Lack of some nutrients can make your nails, for example, become weak and brittle. And what woman does not like to keep nails always beautiful?

Hair can be seriously compromised by excessive intake of some foods that are part of the daily lives of many families. If you notice an excessive drop of yarn pay more attention on how your food goes, and avoid excessive consumption of these three items:

1. Sugar
Sweetening the juice or eating sweets every day can jeopardize the health of your scalp. This is because sugar interferes with the absorption of proteins, extremely necessary for the health of the yarn, in addition to restricting the absorption of vitamin E, another very important nutrient.3-foods-promote-hair-loss

Consumption of sugar in moderation can help make your hair healthier, as well as curb the fall if you are suffering from this problem.

2. Refined flour
Most people use the refined white flour in the preparation of breads, pastas and cakes without imagining that it can contribute, among other things, to the weakening of the threads and consequently the fall.

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Because it is a fast-absorption carbohydrate, it interferes with the absorption of nutrients just like the sugar already mentioned. Therefore, if you are suffering from hair loss, it is best to replace it with a whole meal.

3. Sodium
Sodium present in salt, light refreshers and other foods can contribute to the weakening of wires and the health of the scalp. The health agencies recommend as ideal quantity two grams of salt as daily consumption. So much attention is needed, most industrialized foods already contain salt in their preparation and this quantity also needs to be considered.

If you notice that even taking care of your food still suffers from excessive yarn dropping, seek the help of a dermatologist to advise you of proper treatment.

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