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3 habits that dry the skin

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3 habits that dry the skin

3 habits that dry the skin
It can be said that are habits that do not allow to have healthy skin after all, healthy skin is moisturized skin. The opposite is not always true, it is possible to have a hydrated and unhealthy skin.

Why moisturize the skin?
The skin without hydration becomes dry and more sensitive to external aggressions like cold, dust and pollution. In addition, it gets a nasty rough look and more subject to problems like dermatitis, itching and premature aging. It is also more susceptible to infections by viruses, fungi and bacteria.

Moisturizing the skin is important to prevent damage to the skin barrier, preventing it from peeling or having an opaque appearance. The skin has a layer, called a hydrolipidic mantle, which is responsible for the natural protection of the skin against the entry of unwanted microorganisms.

It is in the hydrolipidic mantle that the hydration, composed of water and fat, is maintained. If it is not constantly hydrated, the hydrolipidic mantle loses the water and fat that has leaving the skin looking opaque.

Moisturized skin stays young longer and for this you need basic care and avoid some habits that harm and dry the skin:

1. Hot bath
The hot water exactly affects the hydrolipidic mantle, causing the loss of water and fat and the longer the bath the greater the loss. The bath should always be with lukewarm and quick water. The choice of soap is also crucial, seeking the less aggressive and less dry (all dry), however, soaps that maintain the natural balance of the skin as the glycerin or moisturizer are less harmful.

2. Do not moisturize the skin
Cleaning the skin during bathing, although necessary, dries the skin. The warm water and the soap, although moisturizing, will only dry less than hot water and any soap. So it is important for the good of the skin to create the habit of moisturizing it every day. For a powerful effect, invest in super moisturizing products that contain as active shea butter, panthenol, glycerin, and urea, especially during the winter.

Apply after a bath with skin still wet for greater absorption. Then rinse without rubbing the skin that in addition to removing the moisturizer still removes the layer of oil that protects it.

3. Do not drink water
According to a dermatologist, the lack of water does not only cause dehydration, but also a functional and metabolic imbalance that can reach all the cells of the body, including the skin. The fluid is also between the skin cells and acts on its support.

According to the doctor, “by acting on the functional and metabolic balance of all the cells of the body, water guarantees the defense, elasticity, smoothness, and integrity of the skin.

Avoiding these three habits will already bring great benefits to the skin. However, for a skin other than hydrated younger and healthier, it is necessary to acquire good habits as well. Eat fruits and vegetables, exercise (gives firmness, tone to the skin), avoid prolonged exposure to pool water and sun, wind, and cold.

Cut off acidifying agents such as soft drinks, sweets, alcohol and especially the cigarette, which in addition to acidifying the body still affects the quality of blood that reaches the skin.

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