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3 Hidden Secrets to Attract Serious Guys (Only for Mature Ladies)

by Israel Akintunji
9 Ways To Hook The Right Partner In Year 2019.dailyfamily.ng

I have noticed the high rate of disappointment these days, many girls who in their mind have secured relationship have been brought to hopelessness.

He broke my heart, he dumped chorus is gradually getting more singers in Nigeria today,

Does it mean you are not beautiful, absolutely not, but the fact is there are things you are not getting right.

Guys can crush after you or like to be with you, that doesn’t make an automatic wife. A guy can be fond of you and not willing to marry you, you should get that right.

So what are the things you are doing wrong? I will briefly highlight three things you need to fix to secure the right guy and lock him up forever.

Submissiveness: don’t take humility for submissiveness, no, they are not the same, no guy will take that relationship further if you are not ready to submit, guys take courtship serious, while ladies are busy planning, the guy is watching. No man wants to marry another man, be submissive and you just scored 30%

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Self-sufficiency: while demanding money from your boyfriend is not bad, a sensible man will weigh the value of what the purpose, if your own is to buy clothes, make hair, look and have fun, then you may soon be dumped. Be reasonable if you must demand, no man wants a liability.

Management: Your Nollywood lifestyle will make your relationship a tragedy, learn to manage things, suggest cooking foods instead of Tantalizers, always have alternatives to cut expenses. Though the money may be available, don’t be a chieftain at spending.

Believe me, your partner loves you, he just needs some confidence to embark on the journey, when you generate fear, he seek solace somewhere else, these three secrets will help build confidence.

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